Saturday, August 16, 2008

McKeever on Terror Titans

Comic Book Resources sat down and chatted with Sean McKeever: "Ravager is the newest member of the Terror Titans, but McKeever isn’t ready to label her a villain. “I wouldn’t call Rose a villain. She marches to the beat of her own drum. Sometimes that beat puts her on the side of the angels, and other times it turns her into a hardened killer,” he said.

So there is still good inside her? “Sure. As readers will learn from the outset, Rose is pretty clear about why she’s come to the Dark Side Club. It’s to do with her own precognition, and how it seems to resonate with Clock King’s,” revealed McKeever. “Don’t expect her to play nice with the Terror Titans, nor anyone else, for that matter.”

McKeever said he’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite Terror Titan -- with candidates including Copperhead, Dreadbolt and Persuader -- because they are all his “beautiful, twisted children,” and so he loves them equally. He added, “At the start of #2-5, the readers will get to see the ‘origin story’ of each character, and give you more of a sense of who they are and why they’re part of this band of sociopathic killers.”"

You can read the whole interview here.

I think in the last few months, McKeever and Barrows are really creating a distinctive Teen Titans run. I don't think the book has been this alive since, like, Teen Titans #23!


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