Friday, August 01, 2008

SDCC 2008: Friday

Friday was more crazed than Thursday, per usual. I tried to get into the "Batman: Brave & Bold" panel, but it was filled to capacity. That would be something I would hear for the next two days. Thank goodness for technology and Comic Book Resources. You can see the full report and trailer here.

I was able to attend the "Spectacular Spider-man" panel (more on that later), so that was fun. I completely missed the Joss Whedon panel because I was in line for over an hour! This is a massive problem with the San Diego Con the last two years. You are no longer "guaranteed " to get into any panel, so you spend a lot of time in lines, hoping to get in.

They should really find some way around this; Maybe Friday and Saturday should be "Hollywood" days with expanded rooms or something... Because there were a lot of disappointed fans who spent a lot of time in line for nothing!

The good news is that I did get to attend the "Family Guy" and "American Dad" panel, which included a preview of the new "Cleveland" show (looks good).

I later saw the informative and entertaining " How To Make Webcomics: Live!" panel.

After that, I had some dinner at a Grill & Bar type place with some of my peeps, then it was back to the Hyatt for a drink... or two... or three....



  • At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Kelson @ Speed Force said…

    My wife and I were talking about this during the con with one of our friends. It's basically gotten to the point where you don't wait in line for a panel so much as you wait in line for a room.

    We both picked our battles this year, and were much more successful than last year (when she waited 2+ hours for Heroes and didn't get in). But neither of us tried for Joss Whedon -- IIRC, the schedule was such that neither of us was free more than a half hour before it started.


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