Saturday, August 16, 2008

SDCC 2008: Mark Sable

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Sable at San Diego this year, who is currently writing the entertaining CYBORG mini-series, which every Titans fan should check out. It's good stuff and there's some things coming up that long-time Titans fans will want to check out!

Mark is a Titans fan himself, and we had some fun chatting about the characters and the general direction of the characters. He totally "gets" the Titans. I also picked up Mark's series GROUNDED, and I can heartily recommend it. I'm only about 1/5 in, but it's sort like "Teen Titans" meets "Astro City."

Mark told me about an unpublished Teen Titans story he did, and I dug up some info on it from a Newsarama interview, since sometimes I don't trust my Comic-Con memory: "
With DC, (then assistant and now associate) editor Jeanine Schaefer read Grounded and introduced me to Eddie Berganza. I did a two-issue Teen Titans arc (what was to have been the first meeting of the Titans and The Flash’s Rogues Gallery), drawn [by] Sean Murphy (Scarecrow: Year One). Unfortunately, they were shelved for what I believe were continuity reasons (R.I.P. Bart Allen), but I still hold out hope that they’ll someday see the light of day. I’m currently working with Eddie and assistant editor Adam Schlagman on a solo mini-series that I’m sworn to secrecy about, so it looks like I’ll get my shot at one of those characters."

Mark mentioned on his message board: "
I doubt that those Sean Murphy Titans books I wrote are going to come out...I think they are way out of continuity by now. But I'll never stop bugging DC about having them released as like a special or soemthing."

Here's hoping for more Titans stuff from Mark!

Mark gave me a nice shout out on his blog: "One thing I will say about San Diego is that I got to meet Bill Walko. He runs a website,, that's the place to go for all things Cyborg and Teen Titans on the web. His site served as a tremendous resource for me (as it does for a number of DC creators and editors), and if I could have given him a thank you in the book, I would have. It's good to know he's a great guy in person as well as a dedicated Titans fan."

Back atcha, Mark!



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