Thursday, August 07, 2008

SDCC 2008: Saturday

Saturday was a big day for panels for me! After being denied the Dr. Horrible Joss Whedon panel, I was determined to get a seat at the Joss Whedon Dollhouse panel (with stars Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett, no less).

First, I attended the full panel for Ben 10: Alien Force (the report is a few scrolls down on this blog).

Then I waited in line and got in The Dollhouse panel early! Mission accomplished. I was disappointed they didn’t have any new footage – only the trailer that’s been online for a few weeks. They are completely reshooting the pilot, so I guess that’s why. Still, Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh were charming and entertaining for the 40-minutes of Q&A. I can’t wait for a weekly Joss Whedon TV fix again!

Next up, I attended the “A Look Back and Forward at DC Universe Animated Original Movies” panel, with Bruce Timm, director Lauren Montgomery (Superman Doomsday), voice director Andrea Romano and Nathan Fillion (who is playing Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman DTV). Newsarama reports: "DC gave fans a brief first glimpse at its upcoming “Wonder Woman” animated feature, kicking off a discussion with fans at the San Diego Comic-Con in which fans and panelists talked about which characters they’d next like to see come to DVD."

"[...] A long-discussed adaptation of “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” is on hold, Noveck says, because fan support hasn’t been broad enough to vault it past other titles. " I asked Bruce Timm about the status of TEEN TITANS: JUDAS CONTRACT, and he said it didn't ever make it past script development. Sadly, it sound like there are absolutely no plans for this one!

The good news is this: the preview footage from the Wonder Woman DTV looked way cool!

I tried to get into the panel for “Pushing Daises” but I could tell it was already a lost cause – with a huge line snaking around the corner and an already almost-full room. People waited for hours and were turned away. Crazy!

I went to the floor for a bit and scored some sketches (including the Humberto Ramos one below). Then I caught the end of the “Legion of Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary” panel, which was fun. The pros were all Legion fanboys and fangirls at one time, so it was like an old school Comic-Con panel.

I really, really wanted to see the preview of the new X-Men cartoon, “Wolverine and the X-Men”, so I sat through an entertaining “Sarah Silverman” panel to make sure I got a seat. It was good! Full report next post. After X-Men, it was some more drinking with the gang at the Hyatt. And still two days to go....



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