Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally - Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray on 'Terra'

Newsarama Reports: Most recently the new Terra appeared in the "The Titans of Tomorrow, Today!" storyline in Teen Titans #52-54, and now the long-awaited solo miniseries reaches fruition this fall. This four-issue series runs bi-weekly during the months of November and December, and is headed up by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray along with long-time collaborators, artist Amanda Conner and colorist Paul Mounts.

JG: Okay I’m sure smart assed answers aren’t going to rate very well with fans of the previous Terra who was so unceremoniously killed in World War Three. The same Terra who was the victim of statutory rape, well mister, I can tell you this Terra will not be skeezing on some old man super villain. What they will get is a genuine, heartfelt heroine fighting for the planet against some odd villains with special guest stars like Power Girl and Doc Mid-Nite.

Jimmy Palmiotti: What you also get is a beautifully drawn mini series that totally establishes a new character and a decent amount of past history to catch anyone that doesn’t know the history of the 'Terra' name.

NRAMA: Justin brought up the previous holders of the Terra name. So how does this new one tie into those?

JG: That’s a secret origin kind of question that will be answered in the pages of this miniseries. I just hope people have an open mind and can recognize how difficult it is to keep what came before and yet find a way to make something new work within those confines.

JP: terra ties into everything presented to date that has the name terra on it...its what we set out to do...create a back story that explains a lot of what happened behind the scenes, the what and why and especially the who of these characters.

Read the whole article here.


  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's nice. Really it is. And I get that this whole situation is not their fault, it's Didio's. I get that. But them coming to me with their new pseudo-Terra expecting me to buy into it like some sleazy car salesman? That *is* their fault.

    An open mind, they say? An open minded approach would be to not kill Terra 2 just to create Terra 3. That's what open minded would be.

    I'm not buying it. Literally. Not buying anything anymore. If you put the info up here on Terra's pages about it, Bill, I'll read your synopsis. But that is all.


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