Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Joe Bennett talks to Multiverso DC

Joe Bennett took some time to talk with Multiverso DC about his work on Terror Titans. Check this interview and some exclusive pages.

MDC: We know that a lot of teen heroes will appear on the mini, like Terra, Offspring, Zatara, Aquagirl, etc. This means that will be big scenes and a lot of characters to draw. Do you think that it could be a challenge?

JB: Wow. So challenging. Essentially when you are creating all the scenes. The thing seems difficult and hard, but this all pays off for each badly slept night. [Laughs]

MDC: Ravager, one of the more loved characters in the Titans Universe, will be one of the protagonists in this series. Could you tell us how you see her?

JB: I think that Ravager is a big muscle machine, well designed. She also has that killer eye and sexy face. So, in the actions scenes I try to draw her sensual and mortal. It was how she would come after you with that imminent sensation of dread. Anyway, I am sure you would die happy and excited. [Laughs]

MDC: There is some favorite character to draw there?

JB: Well, I love to draw Rose, but I like Clock King too. Eddy chose to make him like The Joker, but I feel him almost like a Rock star skinny but with Mick Jagger’s energy. I brought inspiration from Liam Gallagher’s face (Oasis) to make him there.

Read the whole interview here.


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