Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mark Sable Interview at Multiverso DC

Mark Sable took some time to give an interview to Multiverso DC about the DC SPECIAL: CYBORG Mini-Series. Find out what he has to say about the mini, Cyborg, The Phantom Limbs, a brand-new Gizmo, Sarah Simms, and more...

MDC: What about the new villains? Could you hint us with those guys who also appeared on that cover? Magenta is a part of them? A new Gizmo?

MS: Well, there are two groups of new villains. One group was introduced in issue five. They’re The Phantom Limbs, the wounded soldiers that Orr has transformed into killing machines using Vic’s cybernetics. Although I see them as victims as much as villains. I’m really proud of them because I got to create them, and I’m hoping that if I don’t get a chance to tell another story with them, someone else will.

Then there is the Cyborg Revenge Squad, revealed on the last page of Issue 5 (so spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t finished the issue).

The members are Cyborgirl, Girder, Magenta and The Thinker (Flash villains…so they also share the Wally West connection with Vic), Shrapnel, the new Gizmo and Cyborg 2.0 – the Cyborg from the dark future that we’ve seen in recent years. The idea is this is a team specially put together to take out cyborgs (someone with magnetic powers, a living computer program etc).

The new Gizmo was Eddie Berganza’s idea. He just said, it should be Gizmo’s son, and I kind of ran with that. Fans of the Titans animated series will get a kick out of his origin, I thing.

Check out the full interview here!


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