Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wolfman Vigilante Plans

The Pulse reports: Writer Marv Wolfman is returning to familiar territory when he takes his all new Vigilante, who first appeared in the pages of Nightwing, on a new path in an ongoing series. Wolfman was one of the folks responsible for introducing a whole new Vigilante in the mid-80s in the pages of the New Teen Titans. He told THE PULSE this new character isn't one of the past Vig's returned from the dead, but the clues have been laid out in Nightwing for people to know who is under the mask this time around. The mystery will be revealed in this December's first issue, but, until that time, we've got a few details from Wolfman about this man dishing out justice as he sees fit.

THE PULSE: You've been involved in several stages of the Vigilante's life time. When you were first reintroducing a character by that name in the pages of The New Teen Titans, how did you come up with the definition of a Vigilante for the whole new generation? He kind of reminded me of The Punisher ....

Dan Didio asked me if I'd like to create a new version of the character. I'd been wanting to do a crime book for awhile; getting into a more realistic area, and I thought creating a brand-new Vig would be the way I could get to tell the kind of stories I wanted to. The original Vigilante came out of a couple of panels I once wrote in Daredevil where DD and some villain were fighting and when the fight was over they had destroyed the house of some innocent family they were in, and DD realizes the real effect of a super-hero battle. That kept resonating in my mind; what is the effect of super-heroism on the people around you and ultimately on you.

So the Adrian Chase Vigilante is someone who finds himself trying to do right, but kept sinking deeper and deeper into darkness until he finally killed himself. So in my mind this was very much a deconstruction of the super-hero which is why I never saw it as anything like Punisher. The only similarity was they fought crime, but so does every other super-hero in the biz. Ultimately, there is little difference, at the root, between Punisher, Batman, Spider-Man and many others; tragedy informs their future selves as they seek to avenge a wrong or seek revenge on those who wronged them. Vig was about a person who had to ultimately self-destruct.

The new Vigilante is very different and once we get past the early issue crossover story with the Titans you'll start to see why and how although there will be hints along the way. This Vig will operate in the semi-real corner of the DCU that Batman rarely visits as opposed to the world of Superman and the others. But he's still very much in the DCU which will affect him, too. The new Vig works in a world closer to Goodfellows and The Departed than Adrian Chase did. And let me make it very clear. The new Vig is NOT Adrian come back to life although there is a connection to the original series.

Read the full interview here.

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