Thursday, October 02, 2008

Terror Titans - Sean McKeever Spills

Sean McKeever talked to Newsarama about the current TERROR TITANS mini-series:

NRAMA: There was a lot of teasing this weekend about this being a pretty violent mini-series. Between what you're saying about Joe's art being violent and these being psycho characters, it sounds like that's true. Is it safe to assume readers are going to see some blood?

SM: They're going to see some blood. Bob Wayne joked this weekend that they were having trouble printing all the other books on time because all the red ink is being used up in Terror Titans. [laughs] They're called “Terror Titans” for a reason.

NRAMA: But with Static in this mini-series, it's pretty clear that all the events in this comic will lead into what's coming up in Teen Titans during this "new era" you've talked about, right?

SM: In Teen Titans, we currently have a three-part arc called “Pawns & Kings,” but after that, we have a five-part arc starting in December, which is the recruitment drive, and that arc is called the "New Teen Titans." And it goes through the Faces of Evil in January, which will feature Brother Blood, and there is going to be some twists and turns until Part 5 of the arc is a Teen Titans Annual in April.

NRAMA: This all ramps up toward an Annual?

SM: Yep. And there are a lot of things happening between now and then that are worthy of an Annual. Plus, that comes out after the last issue of Terror Titans, so I think you can draw some conclusions from that.

Read the whole interview here!


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