Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Titans News From Baltimore

Some Titans & Teen Titans news came out of the Baltimore Comiccon; Newsarama reports:

Power Girl and Geo-Force will appear in the coming Terra miniseries by Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Conner, which is shipping this fall as well. McKeever added that Terra also appears in Terror Titans, noting that currently in his scripts, she’s being beaten up.

Speaking of Teen Titans, the writer joked that his plan all along has been to reduce the team to one Titan, but on the serious side, explained that the recent spate of deaths and departures sets the team up for the coming recruitment drive, in a storyline (“Kings and Pawns”) which will see Bombshell return as well as Wonder Girl’s nephew – who wants to take her place as Ares’ champion - appear.

McKeever’s Terror Titans debuts this week (look for a preview on Newsarama early in the week), and features, “Lots of conniving, lots of controlling and lots of blood,” according to McKeever. “It’s a whole lot of teen superheroes beating the crap out of each other – and there’s story too.”

Asked by DiDio what was special about Terror Titans #4, McKeever said that the issue will guest-star Static, from the Milestone Universe, which will be his first official DCU appearance.

Before opening to questions...DiDio spoke about the “Faces of Evil” theme that will run through January’s titles, as previously reported on by Newsarama. While the villains of the DC Universe will be given a chance to shine with spotlight stories in the mainstream hero titles shipping that month, four associated Specials shipping in January were also announced:

Deathstroke - set after the events of DC Universe: Last Will and Testament.

Didio also confirms that Howard Porter is now the permanent artist on Titans.


  • At 8:27 AM, Blogger GohanWInner said…

    Wow...Howard Porter on Titans is great

    Now if only they'd get rid of Winnick, too!


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