Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Amanda Conner: Putting the Pencil to Terra

There's a new hero on the scene in the DC Universe, and she's shaking things up. Literally and figuratively.
She debuted in Supergirl #12, but the all-new Terra has been talked about since a miniseries was announced in 2006. With that appearance in Supergirl and later appearances in Teen Titans, the lng-awaited miniseries hits shelves starting next week. Bringing this new face to the Terra name are writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Amanda Conner. Last month we talked with the writers, and now we turn to the artist – Amanda Conner.

AC: I think that was a pretty good introduction to Terra. It sets up her personality and her goals, and it shows people that she's going to be very different from the previous Terras. She tends to look at things with a very black & white view, so we'll get to see how she learns to deal in our very grays-in-between world.

NRAMA: wIn that issue of Supergirl, you got to draw a great fight with a dinosaur-type monster. What kind of things is Terra going up against in her miniseries?

AC: You'll have to read it and find out!

NRAMA: The secret origin of Terra has been kept pretty ... well, secret. But Jimmy mentioned there is a connection to previous Terras – could you confirm for us if you've drawn other Terras for this miniseries?

AC: No, I haven't done any other Terras in this mini-series. Actually, I think the only time I did an original Terra was for a sketch that PulpSecret filmed me doing... then they sped it up and put in on YouTube so you can see the whole process in under a minute or something like that.

Read the full interview here!


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