Thursday, November 20, 2008

Returning to the Gun: Marv Wolfman on 'Vigilante'

Newsarama reports: " Introduced recently in Nightwing #133 by Marv Wolfman (who created the original modern-day Viglante in 1983’s New Teen Titans Annual #2), his true identity remains a secret but his style does not. The new Vigilante moves on to his own ongoing series this December, with Wolfman and artist Rick Leonardi in what's been described as an integral part of the DCU Universe. All we know is this --- one DC superhero has turned against the other heroes, and Vigilante must put a stop to it."

NRAMA: You introduced this new Vigilante character during your recent run on Nightwing – was it happenstance that he got his own series, or was that the game plan all along?

MW: I think knowing I had wanted to write a more serious crime book, Dan Didio asked me to create a new Vigilante in Nightwing to spin off into his own title if the character warranted it. Because of circumstances, the Nightwing story ended two issues earlier than planned, and the Vigilante title was supposed to pick up on that only a few months later, but for various reasons the title was delayed until the rest of the Election/Conspiracy story could be worked out.

NRAMA: But now it's on the schedule and due in stores later this year.

The identity of this new Vigilante is a bit of a mystery -- is it a mystery we'll be finding out answers to anytime soon, and does it have a connection to previous Vigilantes?

MW: As I said, we will learn who the new Vigilante is, but not in the first issues. Hints will be given but we also won't drag it out too long. Although there are connections to previous characters, who he is in the DCU is less important than his life itself. We will be following a character in the midst of personal redemption and hopefully his personal story will be of interest as well as the individual plots themselves."

Read the whole interview here.


  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger Hellfyre D said…

    I think I know who the new one is ... 2 possibilities:
    John Paul Valley
    Adrian's son ..


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