Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DC Flashback: Dick Grayson, part 1

With the disappearance of Bruce Wayne at the end of Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel’s "Batman R.I.P." storyline, DC Comics fans have been left a world without a Batman. Coinciding with the conclusion of “R.I.P.,” DC announced the cancellations of “Robin” (with issue #183), “Nightwing” (with issue #153), and “Birds of Prey” (with issue #127), and will launch in March “Battle for the Cowl,” a three-issue miniseries featuring Batman’s many protégés and associates fighting it out for the mantle of the Bat.

Could Dick Grayson be the new Batman? Come along with CBR for part one of a two-part examination of the life of the original Boy Wonder, the heroic Nightwing, and the man called Dick Grayson.

Read it all here!


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