Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tony Daniel: Battle for the Cowl's Field Marshall

Newsarama spoke to Daniel about the mini-series to find out why he wanted to write the story, what readers can expect from Battle of the Cowl, and where that "Batman and Robin will never die!" image might show up again.

NRAMA: But Tony, this is a pretty big deal, getting to write such a high-profile comic. Was this the kind of project you wanted for your writing debut at DC?

TD: It just worked out that way. Being on Batman for a year and working with Grant Morrison, I really felt that there is no book I’d be better prepared to handle than this one. It’s much easier than, say, starting on a book like Superman, where I haven’t been up-to-date on my reading.

NRAMA: As you mentioned, you've been concentrating on your pencils since coming to DC. After runs on Batman with Grant Morrison, Flash with Marc Guggenheim and Teen Titans
with Geoff Johns, what's it like to now write your own story as well as draw the comic? Do you miss the creative process of working with writers like these guys?

TD: I think all three of those writers are terrific, and I’m sure that I learned a thing or two from each of them. I’m fairly confident that I’ll get the chance to work with each of them again at some point. Or I’d like to. We’ve shared those thoughts already pretty much, and it’s flattering and it’s the best compliment. It means I made them happy in my interpretation of their stories, which is how I look at penciling. Like I’m a foreign language interpreter. But I haven’t been away from that kind of writer/artist relationship long enough to miss it. And when I write, I get deeply enthralled into the story and characters and plot points, and I find that very satisfying.

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