Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DC Nation: Titans

This week's DC Nation talks Titans. Not much new info, but here it is....

DC Nation: Greetings, DC Nation!

January 14, 2009

Last week, Dan's tour of the DCU lineup for 2009 was interrupted by the breaking news that the villains had taken over our world in January's Faces of Evil event. I hope you're enjoying the F.O.E. books (we didn't realize that the acronym worked like that when we started…honest) all this month, but we need to interrupt plans once again. You see, I'm Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler, and I've been forced to take over this week's programming. We realized that Dan was too old to talk about the younger characters in Teen Titans and that most of his pop culture references seem to stop at about 1989. I said I'd step in, but I keep forgetting that I'm old as dirt now too. I have no idea what the kids are into these days. I'm the guy that carried an entire run of the original Suicide Squad series to a Radiohead concert because I found them at a comic store before the show. So with what little time I have left before I age out of existence, let's get back on the tour bus and find out what's coming up in Titans and Teen Titans this year.

As you know, the Teen Titans have had their hands full recently with the Clock King, Lycus, and of course the menace of Wonder Dog. At the same time Ravager has been trying to survive the Dark Side Club in Terror Titans, where she witnessed the debut of Static in the DCU. This month you'll want to pay close attention to Teen Titans #67 as Brother Blood makes his return in a Faces of Evil showdown with the team. This issue will also feature the debut of a new Teen Titan, but you'll have to read the issue to find out who. And every Teen Titans fan should make sure to pick up the Faces of Evil: Deathstroke special to see The Terminator's showdown with Ravager and a hint at the terrible things that are to come later in the year.

Over in Titans the team has been dealing with the fallout from DCU: Decisions where they learned that their old teammate Jericho has become mentally unstable and turned into a killer. In the midst of trying to figure out if they can save their friend, Jericho disappears into the mind of one of the Titans. Unsure of who is now being manipulated, the team has a lot to deal with…and that's before the JLA shows up to claim Jericho. And you know how it goes when these super-teams meet up, so expect a pretty big fight.

The Jericho story is so big that it can't be contained in just one book, so this spring expect a crossover between Titans, Teen Titans and Vigilante as nobody is sure who they can trust and tensions run high. Beginning in the Teen Titans Annual and continuing for three months through each title, this event—titled "Deathtrap"—sees new members join each team and others depart for good. Caught in the middle of this struggle is the new Vigilante—who might be just as mentally unstable as Jericho as he takes a "by any means necessary" approach to dishing out justice. It's going to be a heck of a battle for our heroes and yet another example of the exciting changes in store for you this year in the DCU. So get ready and we'll see you next week to talk about the Justice Society of America.

- Ian.


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