Monday, January 12, 2009

Sean McKeever on All Things Titans

Newsarama reports: Beginning in March, Sean McKeever will be writing all three of the Titans-themed books for the DCU as he not only finishes up the Terror Titans mini-series and debuts a new line-up in Teen Titans #69, but he'll also temporarily takes over the Titans title with issue #11.

Newsarama: Sean, with you taking over Titans in March, everyone's going to want to know – are you the new writer on Titans?

Sean McKeever: No, I'm not taking over for Judd. I'm just filling in for a few issues. Titans #11 is the lead-in to the “Deathtrap” crossover between Titans, Teen Titans and Vigilante. Editorial asked me to come in and tell the Titans lead-in story and the two Titans issues of the crossover itself, so I'll be writing those in addition to the Teen Titans portion of that crossover.

NRAMA: So when does the crossover start and how many issues is it?

SM: The Teen Titans Annual comes out at the start of April, and that leads directly into the Deathtrap storyline. It's also an epilogue to the whole recruitment drive we're seeing in Teen Titans. So we'll see the new lineup against their first major obstacle, then the crossover starts in earnest with Titans #12 the very next week.

Read the whole interview here.

I'm really excited to see Sean's take on TITANS!

I'm also guessing the new artist is either Joe Bennet (TERROR TITANS) or Mike Norton (who worked with Sean on Marvel's GRAVITY).


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