Friday, January 23, 2009

Titans in Didio's 20 Answers

From the January 23rd edition of "
Dan DiDio: 20 Answers, 1 Question" at Newsarama:

2. Let’s talk Titans – what more can be said about what’s going on with the “Deathtrap” crossover story that’s coming in both titles?

DD: We’ve been playing up Jericho as the lead antagonist in the story, and the reason as to why he’s the “antagonist” and not the “villain” is that we’re trying to give a real explanation and reason as to why he’s going through the moves and machinations that he is. What we revealed in Decisions, where Jericho was revealed as that book’s villain, we found out that Jericho, in leaping from body to body has also been picking up character traits and memories of the different people he’s been in, so it’s been leaving his mind a little shattered and rambling. And of course, because he’s spent most of his time in the mind of his father, Deathstroke, he’s been left very tainted towards the Titans, and on a dark and dangerous path.

The Titans themselves are out there to protect their own, but also realize the fact that he has to be stopped. So we’re crossing the story over in Titans and Teen Titans, and we’re also bringing in Vigilante, because the Vigilante character had ties to the Teen Titans before, so we wanted to include that as well, and give a nice platform to explain the motivations of, and the platform of the new Vigilante.

There will be a lot of fun twists and turns along the way, and the good part is that both the Titans and Teen Titans sides of things will be handled by one writer, Sean McKeever, and he’s working very closely with Marv [Wolfman] on Vigilante, so we’re looking at something that should feel very seamless as it flows from book to book, comic to comic.

3. While there is a new Teen Titans team that’s coming in with “Deathtrap,” would you say that the storyline is something of a re-establishment of the status quo for the Titans franchise?

DD: I think so. There will be a lot of twists and turns for the Titans over the next year or so, just because of the characters that will be coming and going, but realistically, this is a nice spot for us to point out the direction for the series – not that it’s a new direction, but it firmly establishes what the key teams are in both books, and more importantly sets up what may be coming down the road in the next year.


13. One question that keeps coming back with the return of Barry Allen as Flash. What’s the role of Wally West going to be?

DD: That question is great fodder for story, and what will be taking place in Wally’s life. He will be trying to figure out his place in the world in regards to being a hero and a family man, given the turn of events and the return of Barry. The return of Barry basically forces Wally to ask himself why he would want to continue, and should he continue in the role of the Flash? He took the mantle on, and “graduated” from Kid Flash to Flash because Barry died, and now that he’s returned, Wally has to question what he wants to do. He also gets to reexamine his family life, and see where he fits in and what exactly his purpose is. That’s going to be the centerpiece of a lot of stories in Titans and beyond in the coming year. Wally will be featured very prominently in Titans following the conclusion of Flash: Rebirth. We’re going to be addressing all of that – there’s a lot of story left to be told with Wally.


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