Monday, February 09, 2009

NYCC 2009: Keith Giffen New Chief of Doom Patrol

It was announced today at New York Comic Con that legendary creator Keith Giffen (“Justice League International”) is bringing “Doom Patrol” back to the DCU in a very big way with a brand spanking new ongoing series. The other big news regarding “Doom Patrol” was that his co-conspirator on “JLI” Kevin Maguire is drawing a 10-page “Metal Men” backup series in the title.

"Giffen is going back to the future and re-launching the franchise with the classic lineup.

“We’re not ignoring the other characters; it’s just that the focus will be on those three characters, and of course, the Chief. They’ll be the primary movers in the book. Characters like Mento or Bumblebee or the chick with the four-armed ape, they will play into the book as they play into the book, but not as the primary characters.”"

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“Somewhere down the line, if we can come up with a good riff that will work within the dynamic of the team, we might bring in somebody else, but unlike Justice League where a lot of the time, you would have characters introduced and they would work within the framework of the group, I never thought any of the extra add-ons in Doom Patrol really worked.

“It was kind of like, well, we have nowhere else to put this guy, let’s put him in Doom Patrol. And I really wanted to get back to the core group. Look, people who are Doom Patrol fans always hearken back to the original Doom Patrol book for better or worse. They had some great moments and they have had some horrifying moments. And I think it’s time to recapture that – without going retro.”"

Read the whole article here.



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