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Nightwing 1991 Mini-Series Redux

For the full scoop on the aborted mini-series, check out the exclusive info on's
"Cutting Room Floor" page. It's under "Titans Hunt Era"

Now, for the strange but cool lost piece: Nightwing and Starfire redesigned by Art Thibert. It's oh so terribly 90s. I wonder if future generations will wonder why the early 90s seemed plagued with falling debris and lots of random smoke. Also, they will imagine that there were contests where, the person who wore the most pouches won... something. Also, the captioner doesn't even recognize Starfire! Ha!

Oh, 90s.

A blogger has posted some additional information on the aborted Nightwing mini-series, as Comic Book Legends reports: "check here for promo art Thibert did for the aborted Nightwing mini-series I mentioned last week (as Frank notes, while the end result was that Nightwing and Starfire were to be married, the specifics of the mini-series from the original plan by Jonathan Peterson, Marv Wolfman and Thibert to the promotional information about the mini-series changed a bit)."

Amazing Heroes #202 featured some upcoming plans for Titans related characters. Like many of those plans, they ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here's what that issue had to say about Nightwing: "Nightwing gets his first limited series when Starfire is put into a coma, and Nightwing must find out who did it. Unfortunately, her sickness becomes so serious that he begins to lose his grip, and his former mentor Batman must intervene. Can Batman get the original Robin back on his feet? And what will Starfire say when Nightwing proposes to her? (Let's just say that Clark and Lois won't be the only engaged couple in the DC Universe!)
Issues: 4. Writers: Art Thibert & Pam Winesette. Artist: Art Thibert. Ships: ?"

For fun, here was the description of the Hybrid ongoing series that never was: "Hybrid and Deathstroke are both recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil, but Hybrid revolts. A team of young humans who have been mutated, they are outcasts. The tycoon Steve Dayton hires them to be a protection squad for his Dayton Industries, but does he have another purpose for them? Writer: Len Wein. Penciller: Art Nichols. Inker: George Perez. Ships: ?"

"Ships: ?" is right, huh?

The plans for New Titans, Deathstroke and Team Titans were more or less what we got, with one additional bit in Team Titans: "This team's Terra decides to join the regular Titans because of her attraction to Changeling. She's replaced by a guy called Battalion, who's.... well, you can probably figure out what he's like."

It was exactly at this point that the whole Titans franchise collapsed when Jonathan Peterson left DC abruptly. It's sort of a shame, because he was really building up the Titans corner of the DCU.


  • At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Vincent Murphy said…

    If, by "building up" you mean "turning into a lame X-Men ripoff," then I agree. Peterson was the worst thing that ever happened to the Titans in my opinion.

  • At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perhaps I might agree with Vincent....if not for the fallout since.

    Or perhaps if Jon had been replaced by someone else.....

    I'm not going to say that all the Titans troubles started at that moment. Or all the DC universe's for that matter. Peterson did some things I dissagreed with, for starters (Titans Tower fall down go boom, Jericho and Raven dead, Raven evil). And things were going wrong before him. But I can't help but feel...if he had stayed longer, or been replaced by someone better instead of worse.....we wouldn't have got Wolfman unhappy with his writing situation and then the Dan Jurgens mess....sigh.

    We also would never have got that is Terra 2 actually Terra 1 garbage.

    As for Titans becoming an X-Men ripoff, not having read Marvel I wouldn't know. But somehow that seems to be better than what we got, and are getting now.

  • At 11:33 AM, Blogger Nightwing said…

    Well, Vincent, I respectfully disagree. Sure, Peterson looked at what was working for X-Men and applied some of that to Titans, but that's not such a bad idea! The Titans WAS DC's X-Men at one point, and when Peterson took over the book, it had gotten a little stale. (even with some good W/P collaboration in NT #50-60)

    I LOVED Titans Hunt for what it was: a shake up. The period AFTER that and even TOTAL CHAOS was less successful, but it put Titans BACK on top of my reading list. The Wolfman/Barreto run do NOT hold that distinction.

    As far as Titans Tower, Raven and Jericho... well, Titans Tower was gone but it's just a building; They could easily bring it back in some form. Raven, they already had plans to bring her back (as a villain) -- but they could also redeem her. They lost Jericho, yes, but they gave him an awesome death that SHOULD NOT have been undone. I like Jericho, but let's face it, Jericho was George's character... Marv (and everyone else) doesn't seem to know what to do with him. Heck, look at him since his return!

    Peterson isn't the "worst thing to happen to Titans." It was after Peterson left that everything crumbled. They could have easily salvaged some great stuff from that era.

    Did I love everything Peterson did? Not by a long shot. Brain dead Cyborg comes to mind instantly. And marrying Starfire and Nightwing would have ultimately been a mistake they'd try to wrangle out of later. BUT Peterson restored a lot of energy and drama to the book. TITANS HUNT remains one of my favorite Titans runs.

  • At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Mike said…

    Simply wow. Or should that be simply yikes. Looks more like Shatterstarfire than Starfire. And the freakin' hair!

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Carlos said…

    "Peterson isn't the "worst thing to happen to Titans.""

    I agree. The worst thing to ever happen to the Titans was Bill Jaaska. =]

  • At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Poor Starfire...she looks a bit "Redwing-y"...sigh..but they would have been engaged. You win some, you lose some. :(

  • At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe I would have liked that mini... Sounds like a way to connect Dick with both the Titans and the Bat family (I wonder If Bruce would already have approve Starfire in the final issue...).

    Even though I agree that they shouldn't have gotten married back then, I really wanted them to end up together sometime in the future...

    "the person who wore the most pouches won... something" I agree xD!

    I don't like Starfire design... Nor her hair nor her costume (specially those boots). She looks like she is going hunting... Why Nightwing needs two mini computers in his arms? Or is the other one the 90th version of Treo/BlackBerry?
    My apologizes If I sounded like a bitch!


  • At 8:28 AM, Blogger Nightwing said…

    What's interesting about Nightwing's costume is that it pre-dates his 1995 revamped costume... but it looks a LOT like it. I wonder if they built it off this, or it was just natural progression>?


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