Monday, March 16, 2009

Preview: Vigilante #4 (part 1 of "Deathtrap")

It Begins here!

Vigilante #4: The 'Deathtrap' x-over with th Titans titles kicks off next month, but all roads in Vigilante are leading to it VIGILANTE #4 Written by Marv Wolfman; Pencils by Rick Leonardi and John Stanisci; Cover by Walter Simonson After interrogating Nightwing for information leading to the capture of Jericho, Vigilante has trained his sights on another member of the Titans. This time, Vigilante's search for the traitor brings him to Titans Tower, but when he breaks into their headquarters, he finds himself face-to-face against the mighty Cyborg! Let the battle begin! DC Universe 32pg. Color $2.99 US On Sale March 18, 2009

click here for preview!


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