Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sean McKeever: Ravager & The Waiting Place

While his tenure on all but one of the Teen Titans is coming to an end, writer Sean McKeever is returning to the teenagers who broke him into comics in the first place.

Starting in June, McKeever will begin writing one of the ongoing, 10-page "co-feature" format stories as a back-up to Teen Titans issues. Focusing on the Titans character Ravager, the stories will feature pencils by Turkish artist Yildiray Cinar of Noble Causes fame (check out his work here). And McKeever has also confirmed that he's reuniting with artist Mike Norton (Trinity, Green Arrow/Black Canary) to create a new Waiting Place story to be released in September.

NRAMA: You'll still be writing one of the Teen Titans characters as you tackle the new Ravager back-up stories that will run in Teen Titans beginning in June. What can you tell us about those stories?

SM: I can tell you that I'm pretty excited to be writing Ravager still. Anybody who read issue #57 of Teen Titans knows I had a blast writing her there. And I enjoyed writing her in Terror Titans. I think she's a complicated character, and I think she has a lot to still show people about her. And what's exciting about the Ravager back-ups – the "serial," as I'm calling it, because with 10 pages an issue, it is more like a serial style or like those short movie serials that used to come out way back in the day, before I was born – and what's great about these is that we're going to see things from Ravager's point of view. We're going to have a first-person narrative, so you'll actually get into Ravager's head, and I think there will be some revelations, maybe some aspects of her that you didn't realize, in this story.

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Looking forward to Sean's Ravager story!