Sunday, March 01, 2009

Titans News from Mega-Con

Newsarama reports: " The DC Nation made its convention circuit stop at , where Senior VP – Executive Editor Dan DiDio was joined by Jimmy Palmiotti and Vince Letterio, director of Direct Sales to discuss where the DC Nation is heading in the coming year." Here's some Titans-related highlights:

"A fan asked if that type of storytelling comes from Didio’s soap opera background?

“Yes,” Didio replied. “We try to be flexible if we see a character breaking out.” He pointed to Ravager as an example. When sales of Titans spiked each time Ravager appeared on the cover, they knew they were on to something, which prompted the Terror Titans series, which fans in the voiced they liked.

[...] QUESTION: What about the case of Conner? [the question pertains to Conner Kent aka Superboy]

DD - Conner who? Amanda Conner is now a Black Lantern (laughter from the audience). Seriously, a lot of characters will be addressed, but I don’t want to give much away. There will be some mini series feeding off of it. But we are looking it over to see where such mini series would make the most sense before we go ahead. As Geoff (Johns) has been writing the story, we see places where he wants to have more story and pages, and that’s’ where we want to spin off mini series for tangent stories."

I think it's interesting that Ravager covers equal a bump in sales. Ever since the 90s, I've thought Rose Wilson had the potential to become a breakout character. And here we are!


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