Monday, May 11, 2009

Bryan Q. Miller talks Teen Titans, Batgirl

Comic Book Resources reports:

Bryan Q. Miller pulled a rabbit out his hat earlier this year when he introduced Zatanna to the “Smallville” mythos by writing the Season 8 episode, “Hex.” DC Comics obviously thought Miller had a handle on scripting young heroes, because after penning three episodes of the CW hit series, the publisher gave him a multi-issue arc on “Teen Titans” for his first assignment in comics.

For Miller’s debut effort, he serves as co-writer on “Teen Titans” #72 with Sean McKeever. After that, it’s all Miller for a three-issue fill-in run, one that serves as a “pivotal narrative bridge” for the title moving forward.

What can you tell us about the story you’re going to tell in “Teen Titans?”

Without delving into spoiler territory, like anyone their age, all the Teen Titans want is a big night out on the town. But be careful what you wish for. What else can I say about the run without giving anything away? It’s definitely a three-part story, beginning, middle and end – with anywhere between one and three huge events by the end of the third issue. There’s one huge event for the team and one game-changing development.

There may or not be a third big “thing” happening – it’s still up in the air. And you’ll know from the first page of the first issue that we -- editors Brian Ogle, Rex Cunningham, and myself -- intend to put the team through an ordeal. How’s that for a tease?

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