Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Geoff Johns: On Returns and Rebirths

Newsarama reports:

When Geoff Johns said Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds would affect more than just the future, he wasn't kidding.

In the first four issues of the mini-series by Johns and George Perez, both Bart Allen as Kid Flash and Conner Kent as Superboy have returned from the dead. As if the Legion held some kind of special comic book magic, both the super-aging of Bart and the legal problems with the "Superboy" name have now been apparently eliminated.

After returning in Legion of 3 Worlds #3, Bart Allen returns to the present as Kid Flash and looks to be right back where many fans would say he belongs within the pages of Flash: Rebirth. Now that Superboy has returned in issue #4, he'll star in his own ongoing series beginning this August – Adventure Comics by Johns and Francis Manapul, which will co-star the Legion of Super-Heroes.

And Johns told Newsarama that both Superboy and Kid Flash will be part of this summer's Blackest Night event, as well as being "front and center" in the DCU over the next year.

NRAMA: So will Superboy appear on an ongoing basis in Adventure Comics?

GJ: He's the star of Adventure Comics, which will co-feature the Legion of Super-Heroes.

NRAMA: Is there anything more you can tell us about Adventure Comics now that we've read the first four issues of Legion of 3 Worlds?

GJ: About Adventure? Just that I've been working with Francis, he’s turning in some unbelievable pages and enthusiasm, and that the book is in the same vein as Gary Frank’s and my Action Comics run. Accessible, bright, dangerous and open. When dealing with “super” characters, I’ve been trying to bring a very stand-alone but part-of-a-bigger-story feel to the books. With Action Comics, between “Last Son” and “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” and “Brainiac,” you could read those by themselves or together. I’m bringing that same sense of storytelling to Adventure Comics.

Oh, the one thing I am taking with me from Justice Society of America is Starman. Starman will play a role in Adventure Comics. And the first co-feature is Legion of Super-Heroes: Starman.

Read the whole article here.


  • At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    was it just me or did the interview at the end seem a little bit snarky....

  • At 1:44 AM, Anonymous USS_Titans said…

    SuperBoy + Teen Titans = Good
    SuperBoy - Teen Titans = Boring??
    I dont know if I am going to pick it up if he is not with the Teen Titans. Or how about resolving the relationship between Superboy, WonderGirl and Robin? How this SB return will affect their friendship? Is anyone care at all or is this a new phase that Superboy return is going to be....No more past and only the future. I hear alot of Titans fan want SB back, but do they want SB back as Legion or TTitans or Solo action. I have heard alot of complains that SB character was boring, stagnate and stiff. That was when he was with a team book like Teen Titans. How will he be in a solo story?? I just wished SB was back with the TTitans for atleast a year to resolves his relationship with WonderGirl and his best friend Robin and KidFlash. And then he can start his own solo adventure later. Nuff Said!!!

  • At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well im glad USS-titans that hes getting his own ongoing and being written by geoff...and so is everyone else. and of course geoff is gunna deal with him cassie and tim...he wrote them in titans after all and geoffs not an idiot. id rather see him spread his wings again and then maybe join titans...but only if geoff is also writing titans.

  • At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sigh. Geoff Johns... in my opinion... is a fanboy who writes the Titans only to write Superboy. Let him write a Superboy title, and get a good writer for the Titans for once (not Winick or those other writers - I don't even bother to remember their names).

    (Seriously. Is it so hard to keep true to the Titans' characters? Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy all are so out of character it's not funny. Precisely why I gave up the comics way back when Johns was still writing.)

  • At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree with anonymous above. Johns' Titans run was OK, but terribly out of character. In my opinion, McKeever was much better at addressing the characters. Shame he's gone.


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