Thursday, May 28, 2009

IGN: Geoff Johns on Superboy

IGN sat down to talk with Geoff Johns about GREEN LANTERN, FLASH: REBITH and ADVENTURE COMICS starring Superboy. Here's some Superboy highlights:

IGN Comics: Conner Kent is going to star in Adventure Comics. What's the hook or general premise of that series?

Johns: We're bringing Conner Kent back to the land of the living. And just a quick aside: there' a definite reason we're dealing with all these resurrections now. Conner Kent and Kid Flash will both play a role in Blackest Night. But Adventure Comics sees Conner Kent come back and plant a flag in the greatest place on Earth, Smallville. He has a definite, clear mission, and he's probably more focused than he's ever been and just exuberant about being back. There's a moment we've shown in the preview pages where he's looking at Smallville wondering how he could ever not want to be here. He's realized how beautiful this place is. But he'll soon learn there's much more to Smallville right now, because of him.

IGN Comics: And I assume you'll be dealing with the complicated question of his two fathers, Lex and Superman?

Johns: Yes. The book will feature Luthor. You'll see Brainiac, you'll see supporting cast members like Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, the Teen Titans. Throughout the first arc of Adventure Comics, you'll see him revisit a number of his relationships.

IGN Comics: Will it share a tight link with the other Superman books?

Johns: It will be focused on Superboy. It will be in the Superman Universe and it is a Superman Family book, but in the beginning with Conner Kent coming back it really is its own story. I think it's important to do that early on. The book is very much in the same tone as Action Comics with Gary Frank. My approach to the Superman Universe is a little bit different than my take on Green Lantern or Flash. It's a little bit more open, and Americana. Adventure Comics will be extremely accessible. And of course the back-up will feature the Legion. The first back-up is Starman.

Read the whole interview here.


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