Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti talk about the ongoing POWER GIRL series at comicbookresources.com, and reveal Terra will pop up in the series:

What characters are playing supporting roles in the series?

JG: We’re building a new cast around her as well as bringing in the occasional guest appearance from Terra.

JP: Busted. [laughs] Yeah, Terra and a few others are going to be showing up now and again, especially when the character makes sense and because the title is taking place in and around New York City, you will be seeing other old friends, as well. At the core though, it’s too easy to get caught up with guests, so we are sticking to the core players as much as possible until events sneak their way into the book.

Check out the whole interview here.

Also, check out the Terra/Power Girl variant cover at the DC Universe blog.


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