Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday Comics: Karl Kerschl's Flash

Newsarama talks with Karl (TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE) Kerschl on his Flash feature in Wednesday Comics. If you haven't taken a peek at it... it's actually quite awesome.

Newsarama: One of the most-asked questions we’ve received is about your formatting of the Flash strip. Every other creative team has been doing big splash pages, and you and [co-writer] Brenden Fletcher chose to break yours into two distinct comics, one for the Flash and one for Iris West. Was that done in homage to old “soap opera” strips like Mary Worth, or for other reasons?

Karl Kerschl: That’s been the biggest question I’ve been asked too, and I haven’t had a chance to answer it yet because all the interviews we did came out before the books started to ship!

When I learned about the project, the most important aspect of it seemed to be the format. Wednesday Comics is very clearly an homage to the large format Sunday strips and it wears that proudly on its sleeve. So, first and foremost, I wanted to use that format as a touchstone - to craft a story that's both modern and retro. My original pitch to Mark was pretty straightforward: Barry Allen’s wife leaves him and he has to go back in time to prevent it from happening. I wanted to do an adventure story and a romance story at the same time and design it in a way that evoked the feeling of those old newspapers.


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