Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I Ran Titans: Deathstroke's Team

Deathstroke leading the Titans? How will that work?

OK, here's my take, "If I Ran The Titans":

The mysterious Mr. Orr approaches Deathstroke to lead his secret government-sponsored black-ops team on specially picked missions. Slade will be paid hansomly, but the real enticement is that Orr promises Slade that he can restore Jericho - both mind and body - through a combination of therapy and cyber-surgery. His team is a mix of unwanted, lost and morally questionable characters.

Ravager: Rose Wilson joins the team with the sole purpose of bringing back her brother. She doesn't trust her father or Orr, so she's there to keep on eye on them both. And she really hates taking orders from her father. So many time, she rebels against them.

Bombshell: Amy is chosen for her military training. She's Slade's second-in-command - a role that infuriates Rose, who still holds a grudge against Bombshell. Ultimately, Bombshell finds herself in the surprising role of the galvanizing leader - taking the responsibility of making sure everyone's personal agendas don't effect their missions.

Risk: Cody Driscoll signs up with Deathstroke's team for two reasons: First, Orr outfits Risk with cybernetic arms. Second, Risk wants to atone for his crimes and start a road to redemption. It's a tough journey ahead, as Cody is a danger-junkie with some self-loathing going on. But Bombshell becomes an odd source of strength and inspiration for Risk. And he may need it - because - can you really trust a gift from Mr. Orr and expect no strings attached?

Gemini: Captured from the Brotherhood of Evil, Mr. Orr forces Gemini on Deathstroke's team for her stealth skills. Gemini claims to have changed her ways, but the girl has deep-seeded psychological issues. This makes her a target for Deathstroke's manipulations, but also makes her extremely dangerous and untrustworthy.

Molecule: Thought dead after being sliced in half by the Terror Titans, something strange happened... Molecule replicated into two bodies. It was at that moment teen genius Jon Levine learned that in addition to his shrinking abilities, Molecule could create a seemingly endless amount of duplicates. Now, when Molecule needs to brainstorm his newest insane science theories on robotics and tech, he replicates and creates his own mini-science team - all of himself! Molecule was drafted for his genius-level intelligence in the area of cyber-technology, but he finds himself at odds with his morally-compromised members. His real goal is to fnd his long-lost twin sister: Carrie Levine.

Dreadbolt: Once a Terror Titan, Dreadbolt finds himself completely lost. Still reeling from killing his father, he has yet to decide if he's a cold-blooded killer - or if he has a shot at redemption. It's not helping matters than one of his teammates is Molecule - who he tried to murder with his Terror Titans comrades.

Sungirl: A complete and utter opportunist, Sungirl will do whatever she needs to get what she wants. Her plans are never vast world-conquest ideas, but more about whatever selfish needs she desires at any given moment. She often pits her own team member against each other - sometimes for the sheer thrill of watching misery unfold. She takes an interest in both Risk and Dreadbolt - and they should probably be careful not to get too close to her - lest they get burned.

Red X: A complete and utter mystery, no one knows why Red X is member of the team of who lies beneath the mask.

Deatshtroke: Initially taking the Titans leadership role for his own reasons, Slade ends up becoming strangely protective of his lost and lonely brood. He also starts to see the team as a way to bring Rose and Jericho close to him - and perhaps have a chance at family again.

Upcoming Stories:

Deathstroke and his Titans are charged with taking down the Wildebeest Society, who are performing wild experiments based on the old Wildebeest tech. They cross paths with an all-new wild and feral Pantha, the sister of the original who wants revenge on the Wildebeest. Can even Red Star reign her in? And with Mirage hot on the Wildebeest trail as well, could Carrie Levine be one of the Wildebeest's captives?

When Deatshroke's team of Titans needs to rescue the surviving Phantom Limbs from Zandia, will Gemini betray the team to the Brotherhood of Evil? And when Cyborgirl shows up, what role will she play?

Clues indicate that Sweet Lili Worth, Rose's mother, may still be alive. Can Rose believe it? Or is a cruel trick of one of the Titans' adversaries? Or even, one of Rose's own teammates?



  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger J.T. Bell said…

    I really like your take, especially with Deathstroke eventually running the Titans. It is a nice solid reboot, which I kind of infer with everything they've been saying. I don't think it's going to be that easy though. I have an odd feeling that Raven and Beast Boy are going to end up with the Teen Titans again, which isn't necessarily a bad place for them.

    In this scenario? Do they current Titans simply disband? Donna, Starfire, and Cyborg are all joining the JLA right? That leaves Roy and potentially Wally with Garth and Raven? What made them simply disband? And why did Deathstroke take the Titans name? On the same note, in your story...what lead Bombshell and Ravager to Deathstroke? :-p. All part of the plot, or simply just "if you ran the titans?"

  • At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Flash Fact said…

    I might actually read this, but pretty much mainly because it would involve Red X.

  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    can't they just let Jericho die? they went to all the trouble to ressurect him only to drag him through the dirt and turn him evil again, again for the sake of sales based on the popularity of the political campaign. i saw let him be and stop ruining his character.

    i'm not even a jericho fan and i hate how they treat him

  • At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like the character dynamics you set up - and for me, that's the main reason to read a book (they all have action, but not many books have the Johns/McKone TT type of character interaction).

    I'm less enthusiastic about backtracking to Pantha/Wildebeest Society. Those characters and the related story line never interested me very much. I'm also a little tired of Jericho, but it does make for a good premise for Deathstroke (and esp. for adding Rose).

  • At 1:54 PM, Anonymous justin said…

    I think you're on the right track, but I have a few issues with your character choices. I don't see any good reason to bring Red X into continuity especially when we have a wealth of unused characters out there. I think Talon was supposed to be out answer to Red X anyway. Love Ravager, but also don't see the need for Bombshell. I get a little magic on the team and subsitute Black Alice for Bombshell. Girl has a world of issues to deal with. I also think Dreadbolt is an unneeded character. I have a few ideas, and it involves bringing back a few dead characters somehow.

    Ravager, Talon, PowerBoy, Black Alice, Risk, Offspring, Molecule.....and Duela Dent!

    Whatcha think?

  • At 2:53 PM, Anonymous SeanSD said…

    If only all this was true:)

  • At 4:30 AM, Blogger TarcĂ­sio Aquino said…

    I really loved that... Very interesting... But I have to admit that I would miss the "family thing" there...

  • At 5:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think the titans would be better if they all turned into monkeys.

    think about it.

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