Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Manapul and Johns leave ADVENTURE

From DC Universe: The Source:

What’s the best way to get over having to come back to work after a long weekend? Well, how about some cool news? I can’t really complain, as I’m sending this while heading south to the Florida Keys. But this news is big enough to interrupt my vacation — and it really should be shared now. Remember how we announced that after the completion of THE FLASH: REBIRTH and BLACKEST NIGHT, writer Geoff Johns would be writing a new ongoing FLASH series? One thing we didn’t mention was the name of his artistic collaborator. Johns will be teaming up with none other than superstar artist Francis Manapul to chronicle the adventures of the Scarlet Speedster next year.

The pair knocked it out of the park with their amazing work on ADVENTURE COMICS, so having Johns and Manapul continue their magic partnership with one of the DCU’s most iconic characters was definitely a no-brainer. They finish up their run on ADVENTURE COMICS with January¹s #6 to get ready for FLASH #1, which kicks off the high-octane and mysterious storyline “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues!” Stay tuned to The Source for news on the new creative team taking the reigns on ADVENTURE and a sneak preview of Francis’s art from FLASH. How’s that for a welcome to the working week?

Wow. I'm a little disappointed. But I guess that's another DC title I can cross off my "buy" list. I'm down to the two Titans titles, and even those are iffy right now.


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  • At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Mike Lepp said…

    Well, I know I won't be crossing this title off, juuuust yet! Mr Paul Levitz is coming on board as the ongoing writer!


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