Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Variety Mentions Teen Titans Movie

I guess it's still alive. Variety reports:

While Disney lays down a $4 billion bet on the future of Marvel's superheroes, 20th Century Fox has already begun overhauling one of its big Marvel franchises, "Fantastic Four," to take the property beyond the two films already made.

Akiva Goldsman has been hired to oversee the reboot as producer. Michael Green, the co-exec producer of TV's "Heroes" who co-wrote "Green Lantern," will write the script for the new "Fantastic Four."

Fox wouldn't comment on its plans, but the moves are evidence that Marvel franchises do have enduring lifespans.

As "Spider-Man 4" moves toward an early 2010 production start, Columbia Pictures recently hired James Vanderbilt to write a fifth and sixth installment with the understanding that one or both of those films would give the franchise a makeover with a new director and cast (Daily Variety, Aug. 16).

The 2005 "Fantastic Four" and 2007 sequel "Rise of the Silver Surfer" were directed by Tim Story and starred Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis. Since the deals for the reboot are just getting made, it is unclear if any of them will return.

Though Marvel Entertainment owns and finances properties like "Iron Man" and "Thor," Fox controls "Fantastic Four" in perpetuity -- as long as it continues making the films. Fox has the same arrangement on Marvel Comics properties "X-Men," "Daredevil" and "Silver Surfer." Marvel is a producer and financial participant through a licensing agreement.

Though the related Silver Surfer character soared in the "Fantastic Four" sequel, that iconic personality has remained a priority project for his own film at the studio.

Fox has so far done one "X-Men" spinoff in "Wolverine." The studio is working on a sequel to that film and has scripts for "X-Men Origins: First Class," and "X-Men Origins: Magneto." Potential spinoffs for the Gambit and Deadpool characters have also been discussed.

As producer, Goldsman is involved with several DC Comics transfers, including "Jonah Hex," "The Losers" and "Teen Titans." He was also producer of the Will Smith-Charlize Theron superhero film "Hancock," for which a sequel is being developed.


  • At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what does disney hav ta do with that?

  • At 1:41 PM, Anonymous USS_Titans said…

    Disney just bought up Marvel. Mickey Mouse now owned Spider Man.

    Not much talk about Teen Titans. So many other (Avengers, JlA, Fantastic Four...ETC.) are in the planning stage right now. I doubt if this Titans movie ever get anywhere. If The Teen Titans Go were still going strong on TV, then it will push the Titans movie. Since WB killed Teen Titans Go and its fanbase(including its Toy line). I doubt that there are enough Teen Titans popularity to even push for the Teen Titans movie through the planning stages. DC have miss-used their Teen Titans franchised for so long. Teen Titans Go(TV Show, Toy line and Comic line...RIP), Titans Tots below the TT Go monthly subcr. and they called a big hit?? Teen Titans series is knocking on death door, Titans series have been in a coma since it debut. The only hottest thing going is Blackest Night Titans mini series and its promised more deaths and gores. Its amazing how Marvel can take their X-Men and turned it into a biggest & most sucessfull franchise in the world and DC in a 180 degree direction, took their most promissing comodity as in The Teen Titans and seemingly flushing it down the toilet for the last seven years. They (DC) like to teased us fan with what they going to do for the 30th Titans Anniversary. (The Games, Movie, new line-up..Blah, blah blah...) But in reality is what they did in the last seven years are inexcusable. And nothing will ever make up for those tortures to their most endurance and loyal fan. The Titans fan.
    Thank you and good day.

  • At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    teen titans (L)

  • At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Madame Rogue said…

    I know WB has a Teen Titans film in some stage fo production. But so do they also have a Wonder Woman film. And a Green Arrow film. And heck, probably a Secret Six film somewhere. Doesn't mean any of them will get made.

    Hopefully Disney buying Marvel will be the kick in the pants WB needs to get its act together, but somehow I doubt it. DC has managed to utterly drop the ball with TT on the comics side, and the cartoon is now so old that most of its fans have long since moved on, two or three times. TT's momentum has been utterly squandered, and DC and WB have no one but themselves to blame.


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