Monday, October 19, 2009

BCC: J.T. Krul

I had the pleasure of meeting J. T. Krul at the Baltimore Con. Since Sean McKeever's departure from TEEN TITANS, his Titans-related work has been the bright spot in the Titans-verse. And I told him so.

J. T. thanked me for, citing it as a go-to place when he has to research characters, and dig into back issues for reference. It was nice to hear that J. T. takes such care in researching the characters' histories - and it shows! He really wanted the Tempest-issue of TITANS to put a spotlight on the character. And he did!

J. T. did mention that his two-part Blackest Night TEEN TITANS issues were very focused on Rose and Slade, and the rest of the team doesn't even appear. So despite that dead Titans homage cover to NEW TEEN TITANS #1, don't expect to see those dead characters in that story.

There's also more creepiness in store for BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS #3, since J. T. views the whole mini-series as a horror story. And more things with Donna's baby that are "just wrong."

Here's hoping to see more from J. T. in the Titans' future!



  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger un_taco said…

    I'm curious to see if this story somehow leads us into how Slade will be leading a team of Titans all his own --


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