Monday, October 12, 2009

BCC: Superboy by Karl Kesel

So, funny story, this. I already have a Superboy Karl Kesel that I love to death. Check it out here. I already have a Hawk & Dove by Kesel as well. So I thought, what to do? Then I remembered when Karl returned to SUPERBOY with #50, the kid of steel later got a new costume with SUPERBOY #75 or so, when he lost his powers or somesuch. It was a black t-shirt with the "S" symbol. And I thought "perfect! that's what I'll get from Karl!"

So I told him, I wanted black t-shirt Superboy, but from your SUPERBOY run. Well, I think he misunderstood. And Karl drew me the "current era" Superboy. It came out great and I love it.... so maybe next time I'll bring reference from his SUPERBOY run! :)



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    god i would sex this conner up. too bad him and tim dont hook up

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