Monday, October 12, 2009

BCC: Troia by Barry Kitson

So this is the last piece I have to share from Baltimore. And, it's also my favorite from the show. As Titans fans may remember,Barry Kitson was the artist on TITANS from #38 to the series final issue, #50. It's too bad, because Kitson had a lot of ideas for the book, including bringing back some great former Titans like Lilith and Bumblebee.

I almost wanted Barry to draw Lilith, since I really appreciated the fact that he got rid of the Omen robes, and made Lilith her cool hippie-chick self. But then I thought Donna would be more visual.

Barry was doing some phenomenal pieces at the show.. penciled, inked and watercolored. If you were patient and waited your turn, Barry would oblige with a full piece (I wish I had links to them all... some amazing stuff). And here's the kicker: He was doing them free of charge.

So I present Troia by Barry Kitson. Really amazing, huh?



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