Monday, October 19, 2009

Comic Book Legends Revealed 10/16/2009: Mal Duncan

This week's
Comic Book Legends Revealed has a discussion on Mal, Teen Titans, & 1970s interracial politics.... complete with some page scans.

COMIC LEGEND: Dick Giordano had a page of Teen Titans colored blue to help sort of "sneak" the first interracial embrace in mainstream comics through.



Mal is offered a spot on the Titans, but he feels unworthy at the moment (I guess because of his lack of powers?), so he takes off on a secret mission, but first, he says goodbye to Lilith (the telepathic Titan, who was also a recent addition to the team at the time).

In the scene, Mal and Lilith embrace, and I guess it is sort of kind of meant to be Lilith kissing Mal on the cheek.

Whatever the case, Giordano was told by editorial to nix the scene, but instead, Giordano had the whole page colored blue...


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