Thursday, October 29, 2009

Didio 10 Answers: Superboy Back On Teen Titans

From this week's 10 Answers & One Question with DC's DAN DIDIO:

5) Mbecks114 wrote:

You've stated that Superboy will be more involved in the current Superman main story line soon. But when the Legion takes over Adventure Comics where will we be able to follow his adventures in Smallville?

DiDio: There's one very logical place that Superboy will be appearing on a consistent basis. And then from there, as the Superman storyline heats up during the course of the year, you'll start to see him popping up in more and more of the Superman titles.

Nrama: Well, I suspect you kind of answered the next part of his question, but Mbeck continues...
Will he rejoin the Titans or at least be reunited with Tim, Bart, and Cassie?

DiDio: See Answer 1.


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