Monday, October 19, 2009

Geoff Johns Prime: on Superboy & Wally West

Two conventions, a retailer summit and a possible bout of Kryptonite poisoning may have delayed us, but we're back with GEOFF JOHNS PRIME, CBR's bi-monthly visit with superstar writer Geoff Johns.

First off, I guess the big news since the last time we chatted is that, after only six issues, you and Francis Manapul are leaving "Adventure Comics" and outgoing DC Comics Publisher Paul Levitz is taking over the book. Michael, Eric, Matthew E, Christian and Dennis want to know what this means for Superboy?

I just finished #6, so I've finished the story Francis and I were working on. Superboy is one of my favorite characters. I'm not really the one to tell you what is next for Superboy, but I know he features prominently in the Superman universe from here on out, and the Teen Titans, as well, for starters.

As far as the Legion goes, I'm beyond excited for Paul Levitz to return to "Adventure Comics" and the Legion of Super-Heroes.


He also wanted to thank-you for giving Duela Dent more 'screentime' when you were on "Teen Titans" than she had in the last 20 years.

I had plans for Joker's daughter. Since "Teen Titans" #1, [editor] Eddie Berganza and I also talked about Joker's Daughter, but we never really got to play those plans out.


Dan wants to know when we'll see Wally's new costume.

"Flash: Rebirth" #5. And it's very much a Flash costume. It's tweaked, but it's certainly not crazy. It's not blue and white. It's Flash. We never wanted to completely change it. We just wanted to accentuate what makes Wally's costume, Wally's costume. It will feel very familiar.


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    I'm the one who "thanked him" about Duela.


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