Friday, November 20, 2009

One Year Later Art Project

"You call this the Titans? Since Superboy died, the Titans have gone through over twenty new members. But no one wanted to stay very long. No one got along."

- Wonder Girl (Teen Titans (third series) #36 [2006])

DC's "One Year Later" event occurred March of 2006. In Teen Titans #33, Superboy and Nightwing are in the thick of the Infinite Crisis world-shattering event. With Teen Titans #34, a full year has passed since the Crisis. A comatose Cyborg awakens to discover the only active Titans: Robin, Ravager and Kid Devil. Cyborg is told that the Titans had quite a few membership shake-ups during his "missing year."

Readers shared in Cyborg's confusion. Following the limited series, Infinite Crisis, every DC comic series jumped ahead by one year between February 2006 and March 2006. With DC's March books, the characters' histories resumed "one year later." During the "missing year" between Teen Titans #33 and #34, over 20 new or returning members joined the team. They would come and go, most only being on the team a few weeks before quitting or getting kicked out or simply disappearing. One team was glimpsed at in Teen Titans #34. Teen Titans #38 revealed all the "One Year Gap Titans" in a double page spread.


OK, so, since I'm mostly bored with the current Titans books, I thought of a fun little project.... drawing the "One Year Gap" Titans... and possibly even some moments that were alluded to, but we never saw. Here's my first entries....

Molecule & Argent: "First Date"

And Mas Y Menos: "First Run"

Talon, Mirage & Flamebird: "Familiar Attractions"

Joker's Daughter & Riddler's Daughter: "Makin' Mischief"

Any other character combo suggestions? I already have some ideas. I'm mostly doing combos of characters, and the rule is they MUST BE MEMBERS during that missing year. You can find the list here.


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