Monday, November 30, 2009

Titans Sales Watch: October

Thanks once again, DeTroyes....

Ack! The October numbers have been up for a week, and I've just been too busy to post this until now. This ones going to be quick and a little light on the analysis.


ICv2 has released the October sales estimates.

Raw data:


Issue # / Release Month / Year / # Units Sold / +/- Previous Month

Blackest Night: Titans (3 Issue Mini Series)
#3 October 2009 63,670 -416

Teen Titans (Ongoing)
#76 October 2009 29,166 -3,642

Titans (Ongoing)
#18 October 2009 28,215 -1,939

Tiny Titans (Ongoing)
#21 October 2009 8,259 -176

Vigilante (Ongoing) (Cancelled)
#11 October 2009 6,971 -885

Doom Patrol (Ongoing)
#3 October 2009 20,036 -1,965

Graphic Novels
No Titans-related releases in October.


Blackest Night: Titans -- Can't complain. Most successful Titans related title since Geoff Johns left. With that kind of reception, DC would be fools not to put JT Krul on a Titans title permanently.

Teen Titans -- I expected a drop off from last issue, just not one quite that big (although I will point out that if you treat TT #75 as an anomaly due to it being a milestone issue etc., those sales numbers are exactly in line with the previous trend). Nevertheless, there are several factors coming up which I think signal the end of the slide. The next two issues are going to be a Blackest Night crossover, and that alone will probably be good for a 3k-4k bump in sales. After that, Teen Titans will be doing a major Static arc, and sometime after that will see the return of Conner and Bart to the team. All of these have been hotly anticipated. Therefore, I still expect that TT's sales slide will reverse itself in the coming months. Though the lukewarm reception Henderson is getting might mitigate that.

Titans -- Title is in freefall. No more Blackest Night crossovers are planned, so I doubt it will get any bumps in the next few months. A New Direction is coming, but it remains to be seen if Deathstroke will be enough to save the book.

Tiny Titans -- Aw, yeah! Titans!

Vigilante -- An ignoble end to an otherwise decent title.

Doom Patrol -- Wow. The drop-off has been pretty bad, despite the generally positive reviews. I have a feeling this title is going to become something like REBELS and Jonah Hex are -- well liked, well reviewed, but low selling.

Overall Analysis: Pretty much a holding pattern. Both main titles are awaiting the full reveal of their new directions (though we have some hints in Teen Titans), but unfortunately we're some months away from full implementation, and even further away from finding out if any of it will resonate with the readers. Economic factors are probably also playing a role, and will probably hamper any sales efforts to turn these titles around.


Thanks for reading, and I hope these little exercises are of some use to someone.



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