Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Preview: Titans #20

Newsarama has a preview of Titans #20

Titans #20
Written by Mike Johnson; Art by Sergio Ariño and Wayne Faucher; Cover by Angel Unzueta

Spotlight on Donna Troy! What happens when a young twenty-something woman feels like she grew up too fast and deprived herself of a twenty-something kind of life? As Donna ponders this, the Fearsome Five continue their Titans revenge streak. They picked the wrong time to do it…



  • At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Firstly, while it's a decent idea, it's out of Donna's character to feel that she "grew up too fast." She always had an old soul - it's quite the stretch to imagine an old soul saying he/she grew up too fast.

    Secondly, those glasses look horrible on Donna. Not to mention, it clashes with her dress (which doesn't look that great anyways - work on your posture, Donna, or you'll snap your spine in half!).

    Poor girl.

  • At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The solicitation did not interest me at all, however after reading about what a fan the writer (Mike Johnson)is I thought I would give it a shot. To me this preview looks good, Donna has not had a stable life out side of being a super hero in a long time.

    With the Titans title being such a disappointment I have just been looking for writers who have a good grasp of the characterization and some sense of story. J.T. Krul really stood out on Blackest Night Titans, but also Titans number 15 (Tempast) and 19 (Red Arrow). So far he has really impressed me with how he has written the characters.

    It's too bad everything surrounding the titans is so negative (thanks winick) or these day in the lives could have been a good thing. After what happened to Roy in Cry for Justice I don't thing there is anything Titans to look forward to.

    ~ Rick


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