Friday, December 04, 2009

Superboy's Future in ADVENTURE COMICS

DC Universe: The Source blog (which, by the way, if one of the worst blog names ever) has posted some news about the post-Geoff-Johns ADVENTURES COMICS #8:

ADVENTURE COMICS #8 is the start of a four-issue arc connecting ADVENTURE to the next big Superman story - “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes.” James Robinson & Julian Lopez will provide a 10-page story about the Legion members who are in the 21st Century; Sterling Gates & Clayton Henry will provide a 10-pager about the Legion in the 31st Century; and Eric Trautmann & DC newcomer Pier Gallo (wait till you see this guy’s stuff!) will provide a 10-pager about General Lane’s Human Defense Corps.

The Superman writers have crafted a really fun and epic story in “Brainiac & The Legion of Super-Heroes” (which will run in ADVENTURE, SUPERMAN, SUPERGIRL and a tittle-to-be-named-later in March). Featuring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Mon-El and the Legion of Super-Heroes, it not only brings to a head all the Legion subplots that DC has been laying down since the JLA/JSA “Lightning Saga” story, but also sets the stage for this summer’s blockbuster Superman event!

the link provides some artwork.


  • At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    gee, I sure hope that Superman and Superboy are alive again by the time this story comes out

  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Warned you three times

    Super boy is back (Check his page on the site) Superman I don't know.

  • At 2:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My friend and I were recently discussing about how we as human beings are so hooked onto electronics. Reading this post makes me think back to that debate we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

    I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as memory gets less expensive, the possibility of transferring our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's one of the things I really wish I could encounter in my lifetime.

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