Thursday, May 17, 2007

Save TEEN TITANS GO!: Round Two

We told you a few weeks ago that TEEN TITANS GO! may be in danger of cancellation! Apparently, they are looking at the whole “Jonny DC” line of comics and possibly adding/deleting/revamping some titles. I’m told TEEN TITANS GO! Is in EXTREME danger of cancellation. Yikes!

We rallied the fans to write in and it looks like DC is taking some notice. DC's Paul Levitz is apparently responding to fan letters re: TTG's "rumoured cancellation." He's said that no official decision has been made but the series is nearing the end. That could be interpreted in many ways. I think people should be encouraged to write Mr. Levitz because he's listening...

Write letters to:
Paul Levitz
1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

Hand-written letters make the biggest impact (and please, be passionate, but nice!) Spread the word and write soon! We just may save the Titans yet! Titans Go!


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