Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amy Wolfram Talks Year One

Newsarama reports: "You probably haven’t read any of Amy Wolfram’s work…but most comic fans have probably seen it. Wolfram, who served as a writer and story editor on the Cartoon Networks’s Teen Titans animated series, makes the leap to print this January with DC’s Teen Titans: Year One, a look back at the original incarnation of one of DC’s most enduring super-teams written by Wolfram and illustrated by Karl Kerschl. Wolfram gave us the scoop on what to expect from her comics debut, and what it’s been like going from the animated Titans to their comic book inspirations."

Tell us about Teen Titans: Year One. Is this a retelling or a "fill in the blank" type scenario for the Titans' first year? What are some of the themes of your storyline, and some of the major events it covers?

AW: It’s a retelling, but also an updating for this generation’s readers. The basic theme is teenagers coming out of the shadow of their mentors and coming into their own, so we’ll have a lot of firsts, like the first time being away from home, first dates,… all those awkward, painful moments!

NRAMA: Who are some of the characters that will appear in the story, and what stage of their lives are they at when we meet them? In particular, how are they defined by their relationships with their mentors?

AW: We’ll be seeing Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Speedy. They’re all teenagers who’ve spent most of their lives learning from their mentors, and now it’s time for them to prove themselves. And each character has a different relationship, close, not so close, fatherly, not so fatherly. It’s only being around others do they start realizing that not everyone has the same relationships. It’s like the first time you eat dinner at someone’s house and you think “we never have fish on Fridays, why don’t we have fish on Friday?”

Read the whole article here.

Can't wait.
Also, Speedy is officially confirmed in the mini, so I hope everyone's happy! :)

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