Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exploring Teen Titans Year One

The Big Three of DC Universe sidekick lore are back and they're bringing a pocket-sized princess along for the ride as veteran TV writer Amy Wolfram ("Teen Titans") and rising star artist Karl Kerschl ("All-Flash," "Robin") are set to re-imagine the Teen Titans in January with the six-issue miniseries "Teen Titans: Year One."

"We are definitely going back to the old school Teen Titans," Amy Wolfram told CBR News. "It's directly re-imagined from the old Nick Cardy book," added Karl Kerschl.

"Everything we are doing for the first series is directly out of Teen Titans continuity," Kerschl teased. I don't know what else to say. I don't want to spoil anything. They definitely have a history with the villain. It will feel very new and different to people but at the same time, we are changing almost nothing. The costumes are all the same. The locations are pretty much the same. The situations are all the same, we are just spinning it in a different way. Some of those origin stories were kind of rushed. This re-tells it with a focus on the kids and their perspective on it. And how they are feeling and how they deal with stuff. It's the same story. It will be surprising and comfortable at the same time. What we are doing, if anything, is giving their origins more space to breathe."

Read the whole article here.

For those who are concerned, Speedy will be in the mini although he isn't mentioned in the interview. Can't wait!

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