Monday, December 24, 2007

Eddy Barrows: The Newest Titan

Newsarama reports: As the Teen Titans title started a new chapter in August with Sean McKeever taking over writing duties, the position of artist was still up for grabs. But after a hodgepodge of artists helped out with the title for the last few months, Eddy Barrows is now the title's ongoing artist as it heads into the new year.

NRAMA: Which of the Teen Titans is your favorite?

EB: Kory, Cyborg, Supergirl, and Ravager. They are my favorites, because it's fun to draw them. And they are very different from the other Titans. My favorite recent Titan to draw has to be Ravager. She’s tough, strong-willed and acts based on her instincts.

Read the whole article here.

Eddy's art seems to be getting better and better each issue. I look forward to his run on the book.

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