Thursday, April 27, 2006 Gallery Updated!

Lots of new art added to the gallery!

Nick Cardy Gallery added!
Phil Jimenez Gallery added!
More Pro Commissions!
Teen Titans Animated Art!
Mike McKone Library expanded and revamped!

Check out the expanded gallery here!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"The Robin" in The Batman

The World's Finest over at ToonZone have once again provided an exclusive first look at upcoming character designs for the fourth season of the WB Series THE BATMAN. Only this time, the character they've featured is... Robin! But that's not all-- Comics Continuum also provided two images of the new character, as well as a few snippets of information from their interview with supervising producer Duane Capizzi. It seems clear that the design is an amalgamation of the styles from both TEEN TITANS and THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES. Scott Menville will be providing the voice, so fans of the TEEN TITANS animated series can apparently rest easy knowing that at least one part of the show will live on!

Monday, April 24, 2006

DC Animated News!

Robin Joins The Batman This Fall
Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes Coming to Kids WB!

Released by The CW


Current hit Kids' WB! series returning to the fall schedule include THE BATMAN, with Robin joining the Caped Crusader in his crime-fighting exploits, LOONATICS UNLEASHED, XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, all produced by Warner Bros. Animation, and JOHNNY TEST, produced this season by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.

LEGION OF SUPER HEROES, 11:00-11:30 am: In the year of "Superman Returns" at Warner Bros., Kids' WB! is proud to present a new series developed especially for the "Too Big For Your TV" block by Warner Bros. Animation, inspired by the DC Comics legend. One thousand years from now, a group of teenage super heroes travel back in time to recruit the greatest hero of all, Superman, and enlist him their fight against evil in the 31st Century. While their intentions were good, their time travel skills were not, and Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy and Timber Wolf end up going too far back into the past, accidentally retrieving the young Superboy instead. Together, this unlikely Legion of Super Heroes bands together to defend the rights of all free worlds and uphold the laws of the newly formed United Planets. That is, if they don't kill each other first. LEGION OF SUPER HEROES combines humor with high-stakes, grand-scale super heroics to create the ultimate sci-fi, super hero fantasy for kids of all ages. Each episode of this fast-paced, character-driven action comedy will pit Superboy and the Legion against otherworldly threats and adversaries who challenge the team on both super heroic and emotional levels. The series is executive produced by Sander Schwartz, and produced by Linda Steiner and James Tucker for Warner Bros. Animation. Look for some of the Teen Titans staff to be working on Legion of Superheroes!

THE BATMAN, 11:30 am-12:00 Noon: THE BATMAN features the most complex and intriguing character in comic book history in action-packed super heroic adventures, melding the renowned character's extraordinary physical prowess and super-sleuthing skills with a new range of experimental Bat-gadgets and an amped-up Batmobile. The series premiered in fall 2004 and picked up Batman's story in his mid-20s, when he's just finding his way as a protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while balancing his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne. In the upcoming third season, the Dark Knight continues his relentless quest to rid Gotham City of its supervillains, but he's not alone. Robin joins the team, and the fabled Dynamic Duo is also occasionally joined by Batgirl. Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Killer Moth, the Everywhere Man and a brand-new Clayface join the rogues' gallery of villains, led by the Joker, Penguin and Riddler, who ceaselessly torment Batman and Gotham City. THE BATMAN is based upon the DC Comics characters and is executive produced by Sander Schwartz and Alan Burnett for Warner Bros. Animation. Duane Capizzi and Mike Goguen serve as supervising producers, and Linda Steiner and Jeff Matsuda are producers.

Superboy-Prime's Revenge

"Last weekend this shot was taken by a fan attending the Supanova pop culture convention in Brisbane Australia , briefly after a seminar hosted by comic book artist Phil Jimenez , a strange blue blur was seen spotted hurtling from the sky and decended on the happless comic book creators Phil Jimenez and Geoff Johns. Bystanders claim that the unusual being was exclaiming "I'M THE REAL SUPERBOY!" before crushing both of the famous creators necks. It is now rumoured that this latest development has halted production of the last issue of the best selling "Infinite Crisis" by the creators and chores will now be taken over by writer Chuck Austen and artist Rob Liefield."

Funny stuff!

Teen Titans Got Game... Cards

Attention all Teen Titans fans! Show off your fan spirit by collecting all the Teen Titans game cards. The cards showcase your favorite characters in cool fighting poses and hilarious animated faces.

Bandai America’s Teen Titans toys give you a surprise in each package! Every single toy comes with one free card, and three come with the Battle Communicator LCD Game as a bonus! By using the game cards with your Battle Communicator, you can increase your power and interactivity. Each represents a Titan, villain, weapon or vehicle and has a secret code that can be revealed with the Communicator to help to fight off your opponents.

There are a total of 34 cards to collect.
Here’s a quick preview of some of the cards that you can find at your local retailer:

Card Set 1 * Card Set 2 * Card Set 3 * Card Set 4

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Roll Call! Every Titan Ever!

A lot of people ask "How many Titans there were?" Or "Was XX character ever a Titan?" And somesuch. As a quick reference guide, I've created the Titans Roll Call Page! It's got every Titan ever, plus major allies. Check it out!

You can always find the Roll Call Page in the Meeting Room.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meeting Room Updates

Infinite Crisis is almost done! One Year Later is upon us! Lots of characters to add, update, tweak and revise! And you thought Wendy and Marvin were busy caretaking the 'tower! What's new and revised at the

Revised Entries: Superboy and Wonder Girl and Risk and Pantha and Baby Wildebeest and Red Star and Bushido and Flash and Tempest and Doom Patrol and Outsiders and Nightwing's Bludhaven Connections and Rose Wilson and Kid Devil

Added: Wendy and Marvin

Entries to come [still need more info]: Nightwing and Troia and Arsenal and Starfire and Beast Boy and Raven and Kid Flash and Speedy and Steve Dayton and The Brotherhood of Evil and Bumblebee and Herald.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Red Star Returns, Comrades

Check out the return of Red Star in the July Titans... and check out all the July solicits at Newsarama... where the Titans battle in Bludhaven, Wonder Girl confronts her mentors in WONDER WOMAN, and... a female Nightwing?

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Tony Daniel & Kevin Conrad
Cover by Daniels
The new story arc "Titans Around the World" begins as the Teen Titans journey into the heart of Russia to meet its greatest super-hero: Red Star! On a quest to locate a former member, the Titans head to Moscow to learn how Red Star has rebuilt his life following Superboy-Prime's rampage and where they can find their lost friend and ally Raven!
On sale July 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Then, check out the amazing cover, with original pencils, at Tony Daniel's blog... does it look incredible?? Da!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bid on Cartoon Network Art for a Good Cause

From Character Designer Derrick Wyatt's blog: "Cartoon Network Studios is hosting a silent art auction to benefit Fyn Stec, a four and a half year old boy who has been diagnosed with a form of liver cancer. The proceeds of the auction will help Fyn's parents with the costs of the medical care. For information on how to bid online, or in person, click the link. Online bidding starts Monday, the 17th, and there are tons of great artist who have donated artwork for the cause."

Look for Derrick's Beast Boy pic, which he donated for bidding!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Geoff Johns Hints at Titans Future

The Geoff Johns board is buzzing over the NEW New Teen Titans... And Geoff is on hand to respond to readers!

On Teen Titans #35: "I hope you enjoy what we've got coming up next. In 35 - Find out: What the Brotherhood of Evil are up to! What is Kid Devi's deal with Blue Devil? What is Ravager's greatest fear? And more..."

On plans for Red Star: "Nope. Absolutely NO PLANS for Red Star. He is NOT one of our favorite characters. He WON'T be featured soon... (Tony, think they believe me?)"

On the possibility of a Ravager/Robin romance: " Hahahaha... Just wait."

On Wendy and Marvin: "Sorry to say they aren't going anywhere. If it makes you feel any better they aren't actually team members - as someone else said they're the equivelant of Ma Hunkel in JSA. Caretakers, normal kids (all but geniuses) with ties to another DCU character that will watch over the day-to-day maintenance of the Tower. Plus, they have the files on every Titan that was a member during the missing year...which where QUITE a few."

On Donna Troy in INFINITE CRISIS and beyond: "Donna bought Nightwing a few precious seconds to get to Alex and to stop him from destroying Superman, Superman-2 and Wonder Woman. But what happens to her and her team is going to unfold over the next year. I think you'll all be very interested... ...especially with where Donna ends up."

On Teen Titans future: "Wow. When was the last time we had this much discussion on an issue...awesome. I will only say with 35, which is out I THINK in 3'll see more of the new members, Rose and Eddie, more of the new Brotherhood of Evil and, trust me when i say this, you'll see how insanely hard Tony is working. His art was great on's twice as good on #35...and twice that good on #36. He's doing some simply stunning work and I couldn't ask for a better partner on this book."

"We just spent an hour yesterday talking through the next storylines taking us through the year and I'm incredibly excited with where we're taking the book. Is it new? Yes. Is that scary? Hell, yes. Superboy was my favorite of the Titans. He was a hero through and through. That's why this team has to continue to evolve...and they're not going to do it alone. Thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming. And look for more mysteries, secrets exposed and the unexpected next issue. As Kid Devil said -- it's the "new" new Teen Titans. We're blazing a new trail. Hope you enjoy the ride."

Want more? Join the discussion on the Geoff Johns message boards.. you never know when Geoff will drop by. F'r instance, check out the special sneak preview art on this thread.

Tony Daniel Reveals Doom Patrol

Tony Daniel has posted the cover to TEEN TITANS #35 on his blog: "A sneak peak at the new cover for 36. The wondergirl cover will be the cover for 35. Bumble Bee may be added to the final cover."

To see Tony's full post and the nifty-looking cover, click here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The OTHER Teen Titans #34 Cover [SPOILERS]

Looks like Teen Titans #34 is getting a variant cover.

The cover in question contains a MAJOR spoiler. Click at your own risk...

Teen Titans #34 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday!