Thursday, November 23, 2006

Geoff's Sneak Peek to TEEN TITANS #45

Geoff Johns has revealed on his message boards: "Titans East is just two issues away. The team has gone through a massive amounts of changes over the last year. They lost several members, they've tried to find new ones, it hasn't worked...but now new members are coming on to the team. They found one they thought was lost and Ravager's found a brother. Kid Devil's secret will begin to tear at his heart. Robin and Wonder Girl find new hope. This team might actually become a family again...

...but this new family is about to be challenged.

The beautiful cover to Teen Titans 45 by Tony Daniel..."

To see that beautiful cover, click here! Oh, to think what Thanksgiving would be like at the Wilson house....

Cyborg Rumor: Slated for [Mini?] Series

Rich Johnston's LYING IN THE GUTTERS rumor column had this to say: "The new weekly series to follow DC's "52" is called "Countdown." Written by Paul Dini, it will start the week after "52" ends, and will continue the concept of portraying the DC Universe out in real time. Other new titles to look forward to include "Black Canary" and "Cyborg."

Now, keep in mind this is a RUMOR column, so the info has not been officially announced by DC! I'm guessing the Cyborg series is a mini-series, but we shall see!

Marv Wolfman on NIGHTWING

Newsarama reports: "Now, two issues into his run, Wolfman is able to speak a little more freely about his views on the character, what he came on to do, and what he plans to do, given that his initial four-issue arc has been extended to a run of indefinite length. We caught up with the writer to talk about ‘Wing, his life and his times.

Newsarama: The last time we spoke about Nightwing, you'd just gotten the job, so we didn't go into too many specifics. Now, with two issues out, and a handful more in planning, plotted, and written stages, let's dig into it a little. First - was there any difficultly in finding Nightwing's voice again after a few years of not writing him?

Marv Wolfman: There honestly wasn't a problem finding his voice, but there was in finding mine. I was asked by Dan Didio and Peter Tomasi to work with them to help get Nightwing back on track so I put together a story that would highlight some aspect of his character each issue. By the fourth issue, the character would essentially be back-to-basics for whoever was going to take over after my story was done. That meant his character would be redefined and his purpose and position in the DCU made clear, etc. In short, we wanted the readers to know who Dick Grayson was again and why so many people like him so much."

For the full article, click here.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Teen Titans #44: When Titans Clash!

Newsarama has revealed some sneak previews for February 2007 comics:

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Tony S. Daniel & Jonathan Glapion
Cover by Daniel
Part 2 of the “Titans East” storyline explodes as the two Titan teams clash!
On sale February 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jamal Igle on Nightwing

Newsarama reports: "[DC] has confirmed that Jamal Igle, most recently the regular artist on Firestorm will join the series as regular artist with issue #129. "

Jamal Igle is the newest Nightwing artist! Cool! [Above: a Nightwing con sketch by Jamal.]

Jamal says: "Oh yeah. I was a fan, as a lot of us were back in the day of The New Teen Titans, so that two panel shot of Nightwing and Jericho being introduced for the first time is burned into my brain.

Nightwing is a book I've been waiting to get my hands on since it started. I have every single issue of Nightwing, which says a lot because I don't have a lot of comics. I have all the annuals, The Target one shot, everything. I still have sample pages I did 8 years ago of Nightwing #32, so to say that I am extremely excited to be doing this book is a huge understatement."