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2008 Titans Titles by the Numbers: Analysis

(see 2008 Titans Titles by the Numbers below)
My Observations:


TEEN TITANS has lost over 15,000 readers in 2008. Ever single issue has shown a steady decline in sales. That's not good news at all. Something needs to stop the bleeding - and fast!

A steady membership roster may help things. I doubt new artist Joe Bennett will result in a sales spike. Sean McKeever is doing solid work here; I think he just needs some room to do his thing with a solid roster. It's a bit troubling that the membership drive storyline has not resulted in any sales increase.

Advice: It may be time to return to the formula that worked so well for the 2003 relaunch. Return to the core membership of Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Superboy - with the additions of members like Ravager, Miss Martian, Red Devil, Blue Beetle and Static.

Thematically, I think the book also needs to be a mix of teen drama and action. Tone down the violence and gore. In other words, no more dismembered, eaten or maimed members - at least for awhile. And while Joe Bennet's pencils are good, I'd rather see a Cliff Chiang or Mike Norton on TEEN TITANS, because both artists can draw lively young characters.

It also wouldn't hurt to get a sales-boosting cover artist. I suggest George Perez, Josh Middleton or Amanda Conner.

Linking TITANS to TEEN TITANS may also be a good idea.


More bad news here. This series has lost an astounding 36,430 readers in 2008. About half it's initial readership. Now, granted, the dropoff from a #1 issue is standard. For a more sobering view, we can also note a 18,000 dropoff from #2 to #8.

Critically, this series has been derided for the most part. TITANS seems to have been fast-tracked on the belief that throwing the beloved Wolfman/Perez team back together is enough of reason to sustain a series. Obviously, it is not.

Advice: TITANS needs to shake off the stink of the first story arc. In the wake of "Deathtrap", the series needs to convince readers that the problems of the initial issues have been addressed. To do that, it needs a new creative team.

I suggest either Sean McKeever as writer (of both Titans books) or Fabian Nicieza (who worked wonders with the NEW WARRIORS). For art, I would suggest Julian Lopez (who did excellent work on TITANS #5).

The book needs a serious and significant restart to draw readers back in. After "Deathtrap", it needs a storyline that somehow gives the team a new status quo, or kicks off a mystery that will picque the interest on lapsed fans.

It also wouldn't hurt to get a sales-boosting cover artist at the relaunch. I suggest George Perez or Phil Jimenez (whose Marvel contract is up soon).

Linking TEEN TITANS AND TITANS: This was something Jonathan Peterson did well in the days of NEW TITANS, DEATHSTROKE and TEAM TITANS. The books were linked in a loose way, letting them occupy their own corner of the DCUniverse.

It's too bad "Deathtrap" is happening soon. A crossover with the Titans books could have re-energized both books and given then soft restarts, but also linking them together (with Perez covers!). It could be something as simple as the Titans becoming regular advisors to the Teen Titans. Or, having the Teen Titans mess up in a way that would make the Titans vow to keep a close eye on them.


Analysis: It seems no one is really clamoring for these, huh? Mid-series, it seems most of them are hovering around numbers that would get an ongoing series canceled. Even TERRA, with popular artist Amanda Conner, didn't ignite the sales sharts. TERROR TITANS did slightly better, but I'd wager that's because it has closer ties to the ongoing series (written by Sean McKeever and featuring Ravager).

Now, the one notable exception is TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE, which sold around 30k for most of its run. Compared to other DC mini numbers, this should be seen as a success. But, in DC's infinite wisdom, they have largely ignored this series. There are no follow-up plans. No Year Two.

Advice: Any future mini-series need a stronger tie to the ongoing Titans series. Also, a return to 3-or-4 issue mini-series might be a good idea. (Trades can package an origin story with the mini to pad up the pages).

Also, greenlight TEEN TITANS: YEAR TWO.

2008 Titans Titles by the Numbers

This post is originally from DeTroyes at ComicBloc. Thought it'd be interesting to note! (and thanks, DeTroyes!)


What did Tiny Titans #5 do that no other issue of a Titans-related comic book did throughout the year 2008?

It was the only issue to sell more copies in one month than that title did in the previous month.

Here is the full sales breakdown for all Titans-related releases in 2008. Lots of titles, but frankly some really bad, bad, sales figures.

All sales number figures are courtesy of ICv2


Format is the following:

Issue # / Month Released / Year / Total Sales / +/- previous month


Brave & The Bold (ongoing)
#17 September 2008 29,848 n/a
#18 October 2008 28,199 -1,649

NOTE: Included because these issues were a Raven/Supergirl team-up.

DC Special: Raven (5 Issue Mini Series)
#1 March 2008 24,535 n/a
#2 April 2008 17,962 -6,573
#3 May 2008 14,403 -3,559
#4 June 2008 12,592 -1,811
#5 July 2008 11,627 -965

DC Special: Cyborg (6 Issue Mini Series)
#1 May 2008 18,783 n/a
#2 June 2008 14,960 -3,823
#3 July 2008 13,490 -1,470
#4 August 2008 13,011 -479
#5 September 2008 12,223 -788
#6 October 2008 11,298 -925

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar (6 Issue Mini Series)
#1 April 2008 34,794 n/a
#2 May 2008 24,732 -10,062
#3 June 2008 23,555 -1,177
#4 July 2008 21,392 -2,163
#5 August 2008 20,459 -933
#6 September 2008 19,387 -1,072

NOTE: This one had just enough appearances by the Titans to warrant inclusion.

Teen Titans (Ongoing)
#55 January 2008 52,376 -1,414
#56 February 2008 50,282 -2,094
#57 March 2008 49,109 -1,173
#58 April 2008 47,357 -1,752
#59 May 2008 46,306 -1,051
#60 June 2008 45,036 -1,270
#61 July 2008 44,666 -370
#62 August 2008 43,258 -1,408
#63 September 2008 41,778 -1,480
#64 October 2008 39,695 -2,083
#65 November 2008 37,880 -1,815
#66 December 2008 36,808 -1,072

Teen Titans Lost Annual (One-Shot)
#1 January 2008 34,970 n/a

Teen Titans: Year One (6 Issue Mini Series)
#1 January 2008 43,057 n/a
#2 February 2008 35,761 -7,296
#3 March 2008 33,125 -2,636
#4 April 2008 30,483 -2,642
#5 June 2008 29,073 -1,410
#6 August 2008 27,741 -1,332

Terra (4 Issue Mini Series)
#1 November 2008 20,950 n/a
#2 November 2008 18,364 -2,586
#3 December 2008 15,581 -2,783
#4 December 2008 14,946 -635

Terror Titans (6 Issue Mini Series)
#1 October 2008 33,001 n/a
#2 November 2008 27,023 -5,978
#3 December 2008 24,059 -2,964

Titans (Ongoing)
#1 April 2008 75,584 n/a
#2 May 2008 57,358 -18,226
#3 June 2008 54,512 -2,846
#4 September 2008 51,741 -2,771
#5 September 2008 49,945 -1,796
#6 October 2008 45,453 -4,492
#7 November 2008 41,507 -3,946
#8 December 2008 39,154 -2,353

Tiny Titans (Ongoing)
#1 February 2008 15,238 n/a
#2 March 2008 11,432 -3,806
#3 April 2008 11,197 -235
#4 May 2008 10,369 -828
#5 June 2008 10,909 +540
#6 July 2008 10,636 -273
#7 August 2008 10,234 -402
#8 September 2008 9,795 -439
#9 October 2008 9,521 -274
#10 November 2008 9,239 -282
#11 December 2008 9,085 -154

Wonder Girl Champion (6 Issue Mini Series)
#5 January 2008 16,741 -1,405
#6 February 2008 15,892 -849

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UPDATE: I'm more puzzled than ever by recent comments at New York ComicCon concerning the distribution of TINY TITANS. Here's the quote from CBR:

How come "Tiny Titans" can't get into the newsstand market?

Bob Wayne: The entire print magazine category -- from "Time" and "Newsweek" and all the way down to comics -- is incredibly difficult right now. It's going to be a very, very tough period for almost anything to survive in that environment, and it's very difficult to get any number of new comics into that environment. When we do put things in that environment, since it's a returnable environment, we get so many copies back.

The reality is the distribution is there isn't that much distribution out there; it's not that wide. There aren't that many places where [periodicals] are on sale anymore. Comics, in your lifetimes, have gone from something you can find anywhere to something you have to seek out on your own. All the forces of how the marketplace works are working against [reversing the direct market system]."

How is it again that TINY TITANS could possibly sell "twice as many copies" as TEEN TITANS GO! if it doesn't have newsstand distribution?


I was puzzled by
Dan Didio's comment in his 20 Answers, concerning the appeal of comics aimed at a tween market: "Well, we did do a number of series aimed there, with books built off the animated interpretations of our characters, and we always found sales wanting. Quite honestly, going to numbers for a second, a book like Tiny Titans sells twice as well as a Teen Titans Go!. It’s as simple as that. I think what we need from the kids books is a clear delineation of what they say and what they stand for, and need to address the market that we’re pointing them at."

Let me preface my comments by saying this: I enjoy both TINY TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO! I think TINY TITANS (by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani) is adorable and cute beyond words. And I think the creative team behind TEEN TITANS GO! (J. Torres and Todd Nauck) did a fantastic and faithful job of bringing the animated series to the printed page.

But, is TINY TITANS really selling twice as much as TEEN TITANS GO!, a series based on a successful cartoon with millions of viewers? Seemed dubious to me. Let's look at some sales figures....

02/2008: Tiny Titans #1 — 15,238
03/2008: Tiny Titans #2 — 11,432 (-25.0%)
04/2008: Tiny Titans #3 — 11,197 (- 2.1%)
05/2008: Tiny Titans #4 — 10,369 (- 7.4%)
06/2008: Tiny Titans #5 — 10,909 (+ 5.2%)
07/2008: Tiny Titans #6 — 10,636 (- 2.5%)
08/2008: Tiny Titans #7 — 10,234 (- 3.8%)
09/2008: Tiny Titans #8 — 9,795 (- 4.3%)
10/2008: Tiny Titans #9 — 9,521 (- 2.8%)
11/2008: Tiny Titans #10 — 9,239 (- 3.0%)

compared to:

11/2003: Teen Titans Go #1 — 29,055
11/2004: Teen Titans Go #13 — 15,279

11/2005: Teen Titans Go #25 — 12,598 (- 3.1%)
12/2005: Teen Titans Go #26 — 11,790 (- 6.4%)
01/2006: Teen Titans Go #27 — 11,609 (- 1.5%)
02/2006: Teen Titans Go #28 — 11,568 (- 0.4%)
03/2006: Teen Titans Go #29 — 11,260 (- 2.7%)
04/2006: Teen Titans Go #30 — 11,225 (- 0.3%)
05/2006: Teen Titans Go #31 — 11,140 (- 0.8%)
06/2006: Teen Titans Go #32 — 10,736 (- 3.6%)
07/2006: Teen Titans Go #33 — 10,516 (- 2.1%)
08/2006: Teen Titans Go #34 — 10,328 (- 1.8%)
09/2006: Teen Titans Go #35 — 9,940 (- 3.8%)
10/2006: Teen Titans Go #36 — 10,214 (+ 2.8%)
11/2006: Teen Titans Go #37 — 9,642 (- 5.6%)
12/2006: Teen Titans Go #38 — 9,529 (- 1.2%)
01/2007: Teen Titans Go #39 — 9,425 (- 1.1%)
02/2007: Teen Titans Go #40 — 9,132 (- 3.1%)
03/2007: Teen Titans Go #41 — 8,895 (- 2.6%)
04/2007: Teen Titans Go #42 — 9,050 (+ 1.7%)
05/2007: Teen Titans Go #43 — 8,918 (- 1.5%)
06/2007: Teen Titans Go #44 — 8,738 (- 2.0%)
07/2007: Teen Titans Go #45 — 8,554 (- 2.1%)
08/2007: Teen Titans Go #46 — 8,427 (- 1.5%)
09/2007: Teen Titans Go #47 — 8,229 (- 2.4%)
10/2007: Teen Titans Go #48 — 7,927 (- 3.7%)
11/2007: Teen Titans Go #49 — 7,699 (- 2.9%)
12/2007: Teen Titans Go #50 — 7,966 (+ 3.5%)
01/2008: Teen Titans Go #51 — 7,602 (- 4.6%)
02/2008: Teen Titans Go #52 — 7,496 (- 1.4%)

source: http://pwbeat.publishersweekly.com

So, it took TEEN TITANS GO! 40 issues to reach the sales level TINY TITANS is at after 10 issues. This is double the sales?

OK, these sales don't include newstand, bookstore and mass merch sales. But I would guess that would only BOLSTER the sales of TEEN TITANS GO! if you compare. TEEN TITANS GO! had a show on constant rotation on Cartoon Network with millions of viewers. I'd guess managers at Borders and WalMart would order more copies of TEEN TITANS GO! (something they recognize) vs. TINY TITANS (something they don't).

So, somebody needs to show me how TINY TITANS is selling double the numbers of TEEN TITANS GO!

Also, TEEN TITANS GO! isn't an accurate measure of a book created for tweens. Because it wasnt a book created for tweens. It was a book created to capitalize on the success of a cartoon, which was aimed at 6-10 year olds. And even after that cartoon ended and was taken off rotation, it's a credit to the creative team that it continued to sell as well as it did.

My point (and I do have one) is that Didio's conclusions are not logical.

Honestly, he sounds like he doesn't even understand the issue.

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NYCC '09: DC Reveals Flash: Rebirth

As the lucky few who have already gotten their hands on a program for the New York Comic Con 2009 have seen, DC Comics is previewing both Flash: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Vansciver and Detective Comics #854 featuring Batwoman by Greg Rucka and JH Williams. Can’t get to the show? We’ve got your fix – DC has provided Newsarama with both previews for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the FLASH: REBIRTH here!

Comic Urban Legend: A Titans Wedding

COMIC LEGEND: Nightwing and Starfire were originally intended to become happily married in New Titans #100.


Don't know the full story? This is the one-hundred and ninety-fifth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Read it here!

Didio On Barry Allen's Return

From Newsarama's Dan DiDio: 20 Answers, 1 Question - 02.13.09:

It seems like an uphill battle – for this generation of DC readers, or for the under 30 segment of DC readers, Wally has been The Flash for them. Barry coming back will appeal to a certain group of older fans who knew Barry as the Flash, and a group that you want to convince that Barry is “the” Flash for the DC Universe.

DD: There was a point in time where we convinced a group of fans that Wally West was the Flash after Barry’s death. There was a point in time when we convinced fans that Bart Allen could be the Flash. And you can argue that there was a time before Barry even appeared who believed that Jay Garrick was the only Flash. What we’re doing is we’re looking at all the new Flashes, and building new story on Barry. There are many things that make this character great and unique, and more importantly, we’re hoping that this will appeal to people who are fans of the Flash franchise.

You say I’m talking to fans who’ve never known Barry as the Flash, but the truth is, Wally has seen him and interacted with him. We have told stories from Brave and Bold to Flash itself where Barry was front and center. We’ve told stories with the Justice League where we’ve referred back to Barry. Quite honestly, Barry Allen has never been gone from the DC fans’ psyche for an extended period of time. It’s the same argument that I’ve made with Hal Jordan. When Hal Jordan was “dead,” he was in books just as much as when he was alive, both as The Spectre and in flashback appearances.

In both cases, the fact that our writers always go back to those touchstones, and that the fans always buy those stories when the characters appear in them show to us that there is a continued interest in those characters as well as continued support for those characters. Our hope is that when we bring them in and make them the regular Flash and Green Lantern again, and put them right in the front of the existing continuity, people will be there and excited about it.

11. A question then about Flash: Rebirth from the thread – is Geoff’s plan with Flash: Rebirth similar to what he’s done with Green Lantern, where Rebirth was the first part of a larger trilogy that now includes the Sinestro Corps War and the coming Blackest Night?

DD: That’s getting a little ahead of ourselves, but there are elements in Rebirth that will have definite repercussions when the regular series begins.

Titans In May

Comic Book Resources has posted the solicits for May!

Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Howard Porter
Cover by Andrew Robinson
“Deathtrap” part 4! The Titans, Vigilante and now the Teen Titans all get roped into Jericho’s insane plot. Can their combined forces halt their foe’s master plan? This riveting crossover concludes in VIGILANTE #6!
On sale May 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Written by Marv Wolfman
Art by Tom Lyle & Scott Hanna
Cover by Andrew Robinson
The horrifying conclusion to the TITANS/TEEN TITANS/VIGILANTE “Deathtrap” crossover! Vigilante takes matters into his own hands to stop Jericho once and for all – even if it means becoming a target himself!
On sale May 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Sean McKeever
Art and cover by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson
“Deathtrap” aftermath! The team picks up the pieces following their crossover with TITANS and VIGILANTE as Ravager returns. But is she friend or foe?
On sale May 27 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Art Baltazar & Franco
Art and cover by Art Baltazar
It’s another ordinary gym class with Coach Lobo for the Tiny Titans until Supergirl and Kid Flash decide it’s the perfect day for a race around the world. The race isn’t theirs alone as some of the other Tiny Titans decide they don’t want to be left out. And see just what happens when the Atom and the Molecule compete in a shrinking contest.
On sale May 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.50 US


Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ethan Van Sciver
Covers by Ethan Van Sciver
What’s happened to the Speed Force? One of the world’s most powerful speedsters is dead, and Barry Allen must discover who – or what – is responsible! But the reborn Barry is a man haunted by a dark secret in his past. A secret that drives him to push far beyond his limits. A burden that, if he’s not careful, could send him right back into oblivion! Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s reinvention of the Scarlet Speedster picks up the pace – we dare you to keep up!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 25 copies of the Standard Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver), retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition (with a cover by Ethan Van Sciver). Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale May 6 • 2 of 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Tony Daniel
Art by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea
Covers by Tony Daniel
With the destruction of Arkham Asylum, the return of the Black Mask, and dozens of Gotham City’s most lethal villains rioting through the streets, Nightwing, Robin and their allies seem to have their hands full. But when you add a deadly Jason Todd masquerading as a gun-toting Batman to the mix, things have definitely spiraled out of control!
This is the issue everyone’s been waiting for – find out who wins the Battle for the Cowl! Who earns the right to take on the mantle of the Bat? Will it be Robin? Jason Todd? Nightwing? Azrael? Catwoman? Two-Face? Damian Wayne? Batwoman? Or someone completely unexpected? This 3-issue series continues to shock and surprise as the battle comes to a startling finale for the ages!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 10 copies of the Standard Edition (with a cover by Tony Daniel), retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition (with a cover by Tony Daniel). Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale May 20 • 3 of 3 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US


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NYCC 2009: Teen Titans by Karl Kerschl

OK... here's my big score from New York ComicCon: The original fab five by Karl Kerschl. I can't tell you how much I LOVE Karl's interpretation of the year one Teen Titans. Karl was doing tons of awesome commissions all weekend long, and he was able to complete all five Titans for me!

Yep, this set is getting frame along with my fab five sets by Nick Cardy, George Pérez and Phil Jimenez.

This is my favorite thing from this year's ComicCon.


NYCC 2009: Ravager by Eddy Barrows

Man, I love the way Eddy Barrows draws Ravager. Maybe that's because he loves drawing her! Eddy drew these two kick-ass Ravager pieces for me at the con. So awesome.


NYCC 2009: Robin by Eddy Barrows

Eddy Barrows was at the show and it was great to see the (now-former) TEEN TITANS artist! He did this Robin sketch at the DC Booth signing.


NYCC 2009: Ravager by Georges Jeanty

It was a pleasure meeting BUFFY and FACES OF EVIL: DEATHSTROKE artist Georges Jeanty. I had two requests for Georges, but he only finished one by the time the con ended: Ravager! I requested her because Georges recently drew her in the DEATHSTROKE one-shot.

Georges is also slated to finish my second request in the next few weeks. I'm a big BUFFY fan, so wish me luck that he comes through!


NYCC 2009: Wonder Girl by Tim Fish

Tim Fish is a fun artist I noticed at MOCCA awhile back. He draws a sorta retro-Archies style from the 70s, but his writing touches on modern relationship issues. Check out his website here.

Tim was nice enough to draw a retro Wonder Girl. He's a fan of the original Teen Titans from the 60s.


NYCC 2009: Nightwing by Paul Azaceta

This commission is from GROUNDED artist Paul Azaceta. I think he's got a great style.

Also, GROUNDED is written by Mark Sable, who wrote thee enjoyable CYBORG mini-series. I chatted with Mark for awhile at the show, and he was telling me about an unpublished TEEN TITANS story he wrote awhile back. I might have some more details on that for you guys in a little while...


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NYCC 2009: Jericho by Mike McKone

Regular readers of titanstower.com know that I really like Mike McKone's art. I consider him one of the best Titans artists ever! Mike was selling a bunch of his prelim sketches at some great prices, so I snatched up a sketch he did of the "classic 80s" team.

It's actually an "impossible panel" because Terra cannot ever exist on the same team with Jericho. Still love it! :)

Mike also did a sketch of Jericho for me. I asked for Jericho since Mike and Geoff brought him back when they relaunched the series in 2003. I like that Mike gave me "nice Jericho" instead of "crazy Jericho."


NYCC 2009: Raven by Wes Craig

Here's a great moody piece featuring Raven by Wildstorm artist, Wes Craig.


NYCC 2009: Donna Troy by Jose Garcia-Lopez

Jose Garcia-Lopez was at the show, and selling some of his brilliant artwork. His work is deceptively simple and incredibly dynamic. Jose drew the NEW TEEN TITANS for only 3 or 4 issues, but many people still asociate him with the Titans!

He later provided artwork for the RETURN OF DONNA TROY mini-series in 2005.
Jose was gracious enough to do this beautiful sketch of Donna Troy. Another one of my favorites from the show.


NYCC 2009: Wendy & Marvin by Tim Seeley

I wanted someONE to do Wendy & Marvin at this show, and Tim Seeley ( writer and creator of Hack/Slash) was very obliging!


NYCC 2009: Flash by Greg LaRocque

Greg drew FLASH for awhile (a good 50 issues or so) in the 1990s. I always liked the shiny Flash costume Greg designed for FLASH #50. I thought it really fully "graduated" Wally as the Flash. It also visually separated him from Barry. So, of course, I had Greg draw him in that costume. This is one of my favorite pieces from the show.


NYCC 2009: Deathstroke by Joe Prado

Joe Prado (ACTION, BIRDS OF PREY, GREEN LANTERN, 52) was signing at the DC Booth and drew this nifty Deathstroke!


NYCC 2009: Cyborg by Carlos Magno

Carlos was the artist on the recent CYBORG mini-series! I got this sketch from him at the DC Booth.


NYCC 2009: Kid Flash by Alex Saviuk

I got this great piece from Alex Saviuk, who did a lot of work for DC in the 1970s... including FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, SUPERMAN, AIRWAVE and more. He did some back-up strips of Kid Flash so I had him draw "classic" Wally West Kid Flash!


NYCC 2009: Blue Beetle & Robin by Rafael Albuquerque

Here's two sketches by Rafael Albuquerque I was able to score at the DC Booth... Robin and (of course) Blue Beetle!


NYCC 2009: Kid Devil and Ravager by Tony Daniel

I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Daniel at this year's ComicCon. Tony said titanstower.com ws a great resource while he was on TEEN TITANS and that he really enjoyed working on the series. Tony said he and Geoff Johns have talked about wanting to return to TEEN TITANS someday....

Tony was doing some quickie sketches at the DC Booth, so I had him draw the signature "one year leap" Titans: Kid Devil and Ravager. Tony jokingly asked me to add a disclaimer if I planned on posting these: "These quick sketches are not fully representitive of Tony's work." Heh.

It was great to meet him. I'd love to get a more involved sketch from Tony one day....


NYCC 2009: Bette Kane in DETECTIVE

Comic Book Resources reports: "Thanks to a preview in the pages of the official New York Comic Con program, attendees of the sold-out convention learned as they were walking in the door at the Jakob Javitz Center that Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III will be collaborating on “Detective Comics” once the long-running series returns from its “Battle for the Cowl”-imposed hiatus in June with issue #854.

Who else is featured in the cast of your Batwoman run?

She’s got her own cast. There are a few people from other books. Maggie Sawyer appears as of #856. We see Commissioner Gordon. And we are using one or two characters that were established in “52,” as well. But again, understanding who they were in “52” is less relevant. You don’t really have to know who they are.

And there’s an important one too, that I keep on forgetting. Bette Kane is there. And I’m not going to say any more about her.

[Editor’s Note: Bette Kane was the original Bat-Girl in the 1960s. She was later retconned and returned to DC continuity as Flamebird in 1989. Rucka’s upcoming run in “Action Comics” features a Flamebird partnered with Nightwing, both from Kryptonian lore.]"

Yeah, Bette! :)


Monday, February 09, 2009

Matthew Clark: Artist on Doom Patrol

Matthew Clark has revealed that he is slated to be the artist on the new relaunch of the DOOM PATROL. From Matthew Clark's myspace page:

"Well they announce[d] the book today.

Mentioned the writer at a DCU panel, talked with him even, even the back-up stories creative team the writers and artist were discussed. Crowds of people were cheering

NO mention of me drawing the book. Nadda."

You can read the rest of Matthew's post here.

It's a shame they neglected to mention Matthew Clark when they announced the series. He certainly deserves the mention; In my opinion, he's one of DC's better artists. Also, one of the top 5 Nightwing artists in my book!

Heck, I'm excited for Matthew Clark on this series!


NYCC 2009: Keith Giffen New Chief of Doom Patrol

It was announced today at New York Comic Con that legendary creator Keith Giffen (“Justice League International”) is bringing “Doom Patrol” back to the DCU in a very big way with a brand spanking new ongoing series. The other big news regarding “Doom Patrol” was that his co-conspirator on “JLI” Kevin Maguire is drawing a 10-page “Metal Men” backup series in the title.

"Giffen is going back to the future and re-launching the franchise with the classic lineup.

“We’re not ignoring the other characters; it’s just that the focus will be on those three characters, and of course, the Chief. They’ll be the primary movers in the book. Characters like Mento or Bumblebee or the chick with the four-armed ape, they will play into the book as they play into the book, but not as the primary characters.”"

[...] "

“Somewhere down the line, if we can come up with a good riff that will work within the dynamic of the team, we might bring in somebody else, but unlike Justice League where a lot of the time, you would have characters introduced and they would work within the framework of the group, I never thought any of the extra add-ons in Doom Patrol really worked.

“It was kind of like, well, we have nowhere else to put this guy, let’s put him in Doom Patrol. And I really wanted to get back to the core group. Look, people who are Doom Patrol fans always hearken back to the original Doom Patrol book for better or worse. They had some great moments and they have had some horrifying moments. And I think it’s time to recapture that – without going retro.”"

Read the whole article here.


NYCC 2009: DC Universe Panel

Welcome to CBR's live coverage of DC Comics' DC Universe panel at New York Comic Con with panelists Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates, Philip Tan, Dan Jurgens, Sean McKeever, James Robinson, Keith Giffen, Peter Tomasi, Mike Carlin, Ian Sattler and Dan DiDio.

Keith Giffen revealed that he will be bringing back the Doom Patrol. "Way too much pressure," he said. Giffen asked the crowd if they liked Morrison's run on the series. After a loud applause, Giffen remarked, "You're going to be really disappointed."

Giffen said the mission with "Doom Patrol" is to make the series "accessible" to fans of the DC Universe.

Giffen then asked why DiDio disliked the Justice League International, and DiDio denied any such feeling. JLI artist Kevin Maguire then took the stage to announce he would be drawing a 10-page Metal Men backup series in Giffen's "Doom Patrol."

Geoff Johns then discussed "The Flash: Rebirth," which comes out on April 1, confirming that Bart Allen is back and will play a big part in the book.

As for the Teen Titans, Sean McKeever said the team is going through a membership drive that will eventually see a team of eight members. April's "Teen Titans Annual" will see Jericho try to "out-Deathstroke Deathstroke."

Fan questions:

- What does the future hold for the Terror Titans? They will be in "Teen Titans."

- Will there be another Robin after Tim Drake? Yes.

- Will Static Shock appear outside Teen Titans? If he catches on.

Read the whole article here.


NYCC 2009: Battle For The Cowl Panel

Welcome to Day 2 of CBR's live coverage from the New York Comic Con. DC presented its Batman: Battle for the Cowl panel Saturday afternoon, announcing eight titles--some old, some new--that will be shipping in February. On stage for the panel are Peter Tomasi, editors Mike Siglain and Mike Marts, Greg Rucka, Tony Daniel, and Dustin Nguyen. Ian Sattler moderated.

The Battle for the Cowl itself will be "a three-way battle" that will be "limited to Gotham City," Daniel said, noting it would not cross over into books or characters such as the Titans. He did reveal that Knight and Squire, Catwoman, and others would appear.

Read the whole article here!


NYCC 2009: DC Nation Panel

CBR has the full report. Here's some Titans highlights:

Any chance of the cosmic characters showing up in Blackest Night, like Starfire and Animal Man?
DiDio: We actually have an Animal Man series coming down the pike. Starfire will be in Titans.

Where can we see Bart Allen next?
Geoff Johns: He'll be in "Legion of 3 Worlds" and in "The Flash: Rebirth."

Kid Flash back in "Titans?" "We have to fight about that."

More Red Robin? Yes.


NYCC 2009: Manapul Joins The Adventure

This weekend at New York Comic Con, DC Comics announced that superstar writer Geoff Johns and rising star artist Francis Manapul are relaunching the classic series, “Adventure Comics” in June.

CBR News spoke with Johns from the floor at the Javits Centre to discuss the new ongoing series, but had to get ahold of Manapul at his home in Toronto, as the Canadian artist was too busy drawing “Adventure Comics” to attend the crowd favorite con.

Have you enjoyed planning and plotting with Geoff Johns? What’s he like as a collaborator?

It’s been fantastic. After the San Diego Comic Con, I went down to L.A. and visited Geoff at his office and we just talked a lot about the characters we were going to use, their motivations and the vastness of where we could take this book. What amazed me was how open Geoff was with the collaboration, and how he wanted to incorporate my strengths into how the book is paced and how the story is told. Geoff being an artist himself knows how to get the best work out of his collaborators, and that means a lot to me.

We don’t have too many details to go on yet, but what can you share with us about the series? Are there plenty of opportunities to draw lots of characters?

Yes, there will be a slew of familiar characters, as well as a few new ones. I can’t really say too much about the story, but it will have a very classic feel with Geoff’s modern touch. This book will be epic. And yes, there will be a lead character in the book, but I better shut up now.

Read the whole interview here.


NYCC 2009: Geoff Johns Ready For Adventure

Friday evening at New York Comic Con, DC Comics announced superstar writer Geoff Johns is relaunching the classic series, “Adventure Comics” with rising star artist Francis Manapul.

Johns and Manapul contributed an “Omens and Origins” backup tale, which, in retrospect, should have been a good indicator that this news was coming...not to mention a clue as to just who might be the mystery lead character of the new ongoing series. (A mystery character that will excite many Titans fans!)

CBR News caught up with Johns from the "super-crazy" floor at the Javits Centre to discuss “Adventure Comics.”

Can you tease what we’re going to see in the series? There’s going to be a lead character in the main story and some back up stories too, right.

I can’t really get into yet, but it does have a lead character and it will have more. It’s called “Adventure Comics” because it has a variety of different stories. But yes, there will be a lead character to it all.

Read it all here!


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