Thursday, August 31, 2006

The One Year Gap Titans

Teen Titans #38 revealed all the Titans that were members during the missing year! Click on the spread above!

DC's "One Year Later" event occurred March of 2006. Following the events of the limited series crossover, Infinite Crisis, every DC comic series jumped ahead by one year between February 2006 and March 2006. With DC's March books, the characters' histories resume "one year later." During the "missing year" between Teen Titans #33 and #34, over 20 new or returning members joined the team. They would come and go, most only being on the team a few weeks before quitting or getting kicked out or simply disappearing. Teen Titans #38 revealed all the "One Year Gap Titans" in a double page spread!

Interesting to note: Mas Y Menos make their comic book debut with Teen Titans #38. The twin speedsters were created for the Teen Titans animated series, which aired on Cartoon Network from 2003-2005. They debuted in the third season episode, "Titans East [parts 1 and 2]". In the animated series, Joto was also redesigned as Hotspot, making his animated debut in the second season episode, "Winner Take All." With Teen Titans #38, Isiah Crockett has changed his name to Hotspot and adopted the look of his animated counterpart.

The "One Year Gap" New Titans include:

1. Kid Devil: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
2. Aquagirl II: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
3. Dove II: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
4. Hawk III: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
5. Miss Martian: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
6. Zatara: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
7. Offspring: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
8. Talon: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
9. Power Boy: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
10. Little Barda: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
11. Molecule: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
12. Mas: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
13. Menos: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
14. Bombshell: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
15. Young Frankenstein: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
16. Riddler's Daughter: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
17. Osiris: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.

The "One Year Gap" Returning Titans include:

18. Ravager: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #34.
19. Joker's Daughter : Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
20. Argent [with new costume]: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
21. Mirage: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
22. Flamebird: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
23. Red Star: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
24. Hotspot [formerly Joto]: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.
25. Captain Marvel Jr.: Revealed as member in Teen Titans #38.

Wizard #180: Meet Titans East

MEET 'TITANS EAST': Get to know Deathstroke’s ultimate implement of revenge and the Teen Titans’ worst nightmare! Check out the Wizard article here [click on image at right]!

Check back at Wizard Universe to see Teen Titans artist Tony Daniel’s take on a member of Titans East then pick up Wizard #180 — available Wednesday, August 30!

Titans East: Meet Deathstroke

Last but not least, it's the Titans East leader: Deathstroke!

Check 'em out here!

Titans East: Meet Batgirl

Geoff Johns teases: "We're going to go with what they've been doing, but with some twists."

Batgirl hasn't gotten a costume update, but here she is!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Titans of An Artist: Tony Daniel

by Vaneta Rogers

Newsarama reports: " And with a slew of "missing year" Titans being revealed in the next Titans story arc and the recent announcement of the Titans East roster by DC, Daniel's new characters have been getting a lot of attention. Add to that new characters we've already seen, like Kid Devil, and the tweaks he made to the Doom Patrol characters, and it's looking like this guy's working overtime on character sketches and redesigns - along with the regular issue of course.

We sat down with Daniel to discuss how he got the gig as regular penciler on Teen Titans, why he changed his style and how he's approaching the development of all these new characters. "

Read the full article [with sketches!] here.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Titans East: Meet Kid Crusader

Geoff Johns previously hinted: "You'll meet Kid Devil's arch enemy. [...] He's on Titans East. Kid Devil is actually kind of excited when he sees that, because he likes to brag that he has an arch enemy."

And here he is - an altar boy gone rouge! He's Kid Crusader...

Check him out here!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Titans East: Meet Joker's Daughter

Geoff Johns teased: ""OK. I'll reveal one more [member of Titans East]. Just 'cause it's fun. Um... Joker's daughter. [...] Yeah. We're going to really get into her. Tony [Daniel] did an amazing redesign on the Joker's daughter for Titans East."

Anyone notice Geoff's calling her "Joker's Daughter" instead of "Harlequin"?

And here she is! Check out the redesign here.

Titans East: Meet Sun Girl

Geoff Johns hinted: "There's a brand new character who, in a very strange way, is a pre-cursor to a character from the far future." It's Sun Girl!

check her out here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Titans East: Meet Match

Get to know Deathstroke’s ultimate implement of revenge and the Teen Titans’ worst nightmare.

Check back at Wizard Universe every day over the next week to see Teen Titans artist Tony Daniel’s take on a member of Titans East then pick up Wizard #180—available Wednesday, August 30—to find out why Deathstroke chose them.

First up: Match! The anti-Superboy gets a bizarro new look!

check 'im out here!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Teen Titans in November


Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Tony Daniel and Kevin Conrad; Cover by Daniel. The explosive "Titans Around the World" story concludes with the team finding Raven! Will she bring back a Titan who died?

On Sale November 8, 2006 - see the cover here

Let me go on record: I hope that Raven brings back Lilith from the dead. The super-cool psychic go-go dancer needs to live again. Out of all the dead Titans, Lilith's death was the most pointless. Once a bright character with lots of potential, her Q-rating plummeted when she became Omen - in effect, making her a poor man's Raven. Worse yet, the identity of Lilith's mother was never revealed!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Arsenal Makes the Big Leagues

Looks like a Titan is about to "graduate"...

The Justice League line-up has been revealed: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern [Hal Jordan], Black Canary, Black Lightning, Vixen, Red Tornado and Arsenal!

Check out the cover here.

Teen Titans: Season Two Comes Early has reported that TEEN TITANS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is due to hit stores EARLY!

"We've reported a few dates for the second season of Teen Titans. First it was September 26, then September 19, but it's been moved again... to September 12! That's right, you'll enjoy the series a full two weeks before we initially thought it would be out. The second season of The Batman will be released on the same day."

Support this site and order from the amazon link, and SAVE $6.00...

Teen Titans: Tokyo airs Sept 15th

"Cartoon Network has informed The Continuum that Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo will air on Friday, Sept. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Here's how the network describes the film:

"When a high-tech ninja attacks Titans Tower, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy spring into action. Robin finds out that the ninja was sent by a mysterious and menacing Japanese criminal known as Brushogun, and the Teen Titans travel to Tokyo to track the villain down."

The film is also scheduled to repeat on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m. Please note Cartoon Network's schedules are always subject to change.

No word yet on when the movie -- which was screened at Comic-Con International -- will be available on DVD."

For all fans clamoring for MORE Teen Titans, be sure to PURCHASE the DVD when it hits shelves. The ONLY way we will see more Teen Titans animated is to support TEEN TITANS: TROUBLE IN TOKYO with our wallets...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

DC NATION reveals Titans East, Terra & More

Dan Didio's weekly column revealed tons o' Titans news:

DC Nation: #22
August 16, 2006

Now where were we? Oh yeah, we were talking about what new series and big events we have to look forward to for the remainder of this year, before we can start talking about what super secret projects we have planned for next year. Next year, next time… maybe. Right now, let's talk TEEN TITANS, in particular TEEN TITANS EAST.

Come this November, the Teen Titans you know and love come face to face with their east coast counterparts. But this will be far from a social gathering, as this group of super-powered teens was organized by no other than the Titans' greatest nemesis, Deathstroke. I can guarantee that their first meeting will be a deadly one. Pulled together by shared evil intentions are former heroes Batgirl, Risk, the Joker's Daughter, returning villains Inertia and Match, and all-new threats Choir Boy and Sun Girl. The action begins in TEEN TITANS #42. With a gathering like this, you know you're in for trouble!

And with all those new characters appearing in the TITANS series, the book seemed a bit crowded, so a couple of former Titans decided to spin out into mini-series of their own. Titans Master Marv Wolfman scripts new adventures for one of his most complex characters in a brand new RAVEN mini-series. Joined by talented artist Damion Scott, the series will follow Raven's dangerous exploits away from the team. Not to be forgotten, the infamous TERRA returns in her very own mini-series too. This one brought to you by the ever-busy writing team of Palmiotti and Grey and art by everyone's favorite power girl, Amanda Conner. But wait! Isn't Terra dead? Alive? Dead Again? Alive again? Not to worry. It will all make sense (or at least that's what Jimmy and Justin keep telling me).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Derrick Wyatt's Unused Animated Titans

Teen Titans character designer Derrick Wyatt revealed some unused character designs at his blog: "Here are some Teen Titans designs I did for fun based on Adam Warren's "Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone" comic. I had hoped at one point that we could use them in the show sometime. There was some discussion of it, but ultimately it didn't happen."

check out the designs and more at Derrick's blog.

It's a shame they never appeared! they look verra cool.

For more on the Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone, see their page at

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rewriting ‘Infinite Crisis’ #4

Rewriting, Part I: ‘Infinite Crisis’ #4

Geoff talks about rewriting Infinite Crisis #4; We learn what was changed and why - and which Titans were saved from death!

"The first draft of this scene, which can be viewed by clicking here, went through many debates and changes. It originally included Superboy-Prime showing up and, as he does, tearing through the heroes. But in the first version, not only did he kill a different character (and there were many on the list which I’ll get to in a second–because I know that’s what people want to know) but he didn’t react the right way when he murdered someone.

It was so incredibly wrong to me.

But I didn’t have it figured out yet. So, I told Eddie [Berganza, editor on Infinite Crisis] there was something wrong with these two pages. And I told Phil [Jimenez, artist for the series]. And I thought about it.

Was it a matter of who died? That was a huge question. In the first draft, the Teen Titans’ Argent was the one that faced Prime’s outburst. But it was his heat vision that did it. Eddie loved Argent and had plans for her, so she was taken off of the table. There was discussion, and a draft, where Terra was the one who was killed. But I felt like her story hadn’t been yet told–it would leave too many unanswered questions. Red Star was also proposed, due to power levels but we had plans for him. And then I realized, as strange as it sounds, we needed to use someone obscure. I hated to say it, but this moment was not about who died, but about Superboy-Prime killing."

Read the whole article here.

Catching Up With Geoff Johns

Newsarama reports: "During one of the breaks in his con schedule, Newsarama sat down with the writer to discuss all the titles he's got coming out, who is in the Titans East and Justice Society teams he's developing, and what was up with that little bomb he dropped about the much-discussed status of Batgirl Cassandra Cain."

More members of Titans East are revealed!

1. Batgirl! "We're going to go with what they've been doing, but with some twists."
2. Inertia! "Inertia will be on the team."
3. Risk! "Yes, Risk is on there.You're going to meet him in the next issue and see where he is in his life. He's still missing an arm. And his attitude is like, at one point someone's going to say, "Why don't you get a cybernetic arm?" And he says, "I only need one arm." That's his attitude. He's just kind of gruff and at the end of his rope."
4. "You'll meet Kid Devil's arch enemy. [...] He's on Titans East. Kid Devil is actually kind of excited when he sees that, because he likes to brag that he has an arch enemy."
5. "There's a brand new character who, in a very strange way, is a pre-cursor to a character from the far future."
6. Joker's Daughter! "OK. I'll reveal one more. Just 'cause it's fun. Um... Joker's daughter. [...] Yeah. We're going to really get into her. Tony [Daniel] did an amazing redesign on the Joker's daughter for Titans East."
7. unknown member
8. unknown member

Who are the 7th and 8th members of Titans East? Here's to guessing!

Be sure to read the whole article for more reveals!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Titans East in Wizard #180

Been wondering about the mysterious Titans East? Look to the next issue of Wizard! It will feature sketches of Titans East by artist Tony Daniel.

So far, we know Inertia is a confirmed member. Batgirl [Cassandra Cain] is featured in the Titans East storyline. And Risk and/or Argent were rumored as members. Pick up Wizard #180 and learn much, much more!

Titans News from WizardWorld Chicago

Batgirl in Titans East? Wolfman/Jurgens Nightwing run extended!

from Newsarama: Friday afternoon, DC Comics held its DC Nation panel, which took the form of an open free-for-all question and answer session with the panelists: Dan Didio (who hosted), Keith Giffen, Geoff Johns, Jann Jones, and Bob Wayne (VP Sales).

Titans tidbits:

- how much Superboy story is left to be told, and how much is the character’s removal from the DCU is due to litigation (with the Siegel family)? Bob Wayne: “We don’t comment on pending litigation.”

- Asked about seeing the Cassandra Cain Batgirl again, Johns said that she is the Batgirl in the upcoming “Titans East” storyline in Teen Titans.

- The changes and variations in the portrayal of Nightwing? “Nighting will be reconciled,” Didio said.

- In 52: Johns added that around issue #30, Morrison is writing a full issue of 52 featuring Bruace Wayne, Tim Drake, and Dick Grayson, and Didio noted that in Nightwing’s regular series, Marv Wolfman and Dan Jurgens’ previously announced four-issue run has already been extended, though he didn’t say how many more issues the team will be doing. Didio also noted that there will be a couple of specials that will tie up what was happening in Nightwing and Outsiders.

- Readers will found out what happened to Bart Allen’s missing years in the coming months.

- "Ray Palmer unshrink, Scott Free, or Big Barda showing up? Didio: No, yes, yes. Johns: We see Little Barda in 52. She’s a Teen Titan, but still 7’ 2” "

- Possibility of a Doom Patrol series or miniseries? Johns: “I like playing with them in Teen Titans.”

- Where’s Roy Harper? Didio (thoughtful): “That’s a really good question.”

- Wally West show up again? Johns: Yes

- Static Shock in Teen Titans? Johns: I’ve wanted that character since we launched. Didio: It’s hard to coordinate.

For more on Chicago, go to the Newsarama complete coverage!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SDCC: Dinner with Geoff Johns

Pictured: Geoff Johns is the one with Pac-Man fever. Clockwise from Geoff [I'm also giving away their Geoffian identities]: Krystal [Krystal Method], Jill [DammitJill], Mark [Tom's brother], Mathias [Midus Unknown], Peter's [PMH] grey shirt and Tom [wickedwrister31]

Sunday was the last day of the con. It was a pretty mellow day for me; I just collected my final art pieces and shopped a bit. I was hoping to catch up a bit with Geoff Johns before the con was over, but I missed his signing at the DC Booth Sunday morning. I had met one of the board members, Chris Hansbrough, during the con and just happened to bump into him as the show closed its doors. I helped him carry a heavy box out to his ride back home... and he mentioned that Geoff was meeting a bunch of us fans at Dicks, a local bar and grill type restaurant.

Ah, serendipity.

My original plan was to chill out for awhile back at the hotel, so I figured I would swing by Dicks and see who was there. Lo and behold, Geoff was holding court with the GSA [Geoffian Society of America to you non-geeks]. Although should this be GSLA, given it's West Coast branch status? Whatev--

I'm glad I was able to make it. Everyone swapped con stories and everyone was chatting about Titans and comics. Geoff mentioned that he he a great time at the con. He especially enjoyed spending some time with his mentor, Richard Donner. Geoff was Donner's assistant years ago -- yep, Geoff Johns was once a sidekick himself, of a sort.

Anyways, Geoff was his usual friendly self, and shared some Titans tidbits with us. We voted on an ever-so-slight costume variation for a character, so let's see what happens in that regard. For the record, I was voted out on my choice. I also let Geoff know that Titans Companion II looks like a 'go', so get ready to chat! Geoff seemed especially interested in talking about the "One Year Later" team. He was pleased that fans seem to be embracing the team - and Ravager and Kid Devil.

I was also chatting it up with Krystal and Jill. Krystal is a mondo-Ravager fan, as am I, so we had our Rose-love to share. Jill is more Batgirl-focused, which is equally cool. But Ravager is cooler. I was also educating Krys and Jill on the coolness that is Lilith. Poor Lilith, taken before her time. Krystal and Jill were debating which costumes to wear at next year's con, and considered a Ravager and Batgirl combo. I told them, "This must be done." This year, Krystal graced the con halls as Donna-Wonder Girl, and earned George Perez' approval.

I also got a chance to meet fellow Phil Jimenez enthusiast, Peter [aka PMH]. We both had Phil spottings during the con, and talked about the awesomeness that is the Donna Troy figures. They we traded Phil sketch stories, which was a lot of fun. Great group of people for my last San Diego Con-Dinner!

I showed Geoff my haul of sketches at the con, since I know he appreciates them. Before he had to run, Geoff doodled a few sketches for each of us. And thus, my cool-ass Deathstroke [see above]. Geoff treated us at Dicks, which was unnecessary, but wholy appreciated. Whatta guy!

Anyways, it was a great end to a great con. Shag. A Bruce Timm Batman sketch. Mike McKone art. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. The animated Teen Titans team. Eric Wight's Buffy. More awesome sketches. Dinner with Geoff. Sweet stuff all around.

And that concludes my exhaustive San Diego Titans Tower transmission! See you next time!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SDCC: Titans Companion II in Development

At the San Diego Comic-Con, I was able to finally meet Glen Cadigan face-to-face. Glen was the editor and interviewer for the first TITANS COMPANION book from Twomorrows Publishing. It was great to finally put a face to a name. Glen and I talked about plans to do a second volume to TITANS COMPANION - covering YOUNG JUSTICE, Jurgens' TEEN TITANS, TITANS, Geoff's TEEN TITANS and the animated TEEN TITANS. We're still in very early stages, but stay tuned!

SDCC: Mike McKone's Titans II

Mike McKone made a return to San Diego Cimic-Con once again this year. Mike's been living in Spain for more than a year now, so the trip to San Diego is quite a jaunt. I've been enjoying Mike's work on the FANTASTIC FOUR. But man, you guys should have seen all the commissions Mike did for the con. The guy should REALLY be doing one of the X-books. Actually, he SHOULD be back on Titans... but I digress...

Mike's agent and all-around-nice-guy, Art, was helping Mike run the booth and sell his art. I got to talking about eventually having Mike draw EACH of the Titans for me, since he already drew Beast Boy and Starfire. To my surprise, Art and Mike hooked me up with ALL SIX remaining Titans. What a way to end the con!

This is one of the most awesome additions to my collection!

SDCC: Mike McKone's Titans

I was able to catch up a bit with Mike McKone at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The first thing I did was look through some of his NEW commissions. His Titans art is mostly sold and gone at this point, but Mike did some pieces-for-sale before the con. I was eyeing that awesome shot of the trio of Titans, but Mike went and gave it to some guy as a gift... I dunno, some dude named Geoff Johns...

So I went and bought that Starfire piece. I hadda get some McKone Titans!

The other pictures are Mike sketching and a pick of me hangin' with Mike-da-man.

SDCC: Teen Titans Animated Crew

The Crew of the animated Teen Titans series was in San Diego in full force! At the Legion panel, a few of the Titans alum were around; Of course, Story Editor Rob Hoegee was there at the panel proper. Director Ben Jones and character designer Derrick Wyatt were both there as well in the audience, since both artists are now busy working on LEGION. I was able to catch up a bit with both of them over dinner with the fine folks from It was great to be able to meet those guys [fellow Titans fanatics!] as well! We talked comics and cartoons over some Italian fare.

Friday night I hit the Hyatt bar scene - which became a post-con social extravganza! While mixing and mingling, I caught up a bit with former Teen Titans Story Editors Rob Hoegee and David Slack.

Saturday night was the big premiere of TEEN TITANS: TROUBLE IN TOKYO, which was introduced by writer David Slack and producer Glen Murakami. [The movie was cool, by the way -- see full report below]. I was able to spend some time with the crew after the movie. Everyone seemed pleased at the fan response to the movie; David Slack mentioned that it was a surreal experience to watch a movie he had written WITH an audience. A fan [I wish I knew their name] gave a really neat gift to Glen Murakami [I wish I took a picture] - it was a stuffed animal version of Silkie that was hand-made. It was one of the coolest things I'd seen at the show. I THINK this is the very same Silkie.

All three directors of the movie were there - Michael Chang, Ben Jones and Matt Youngberg - as each of them directed a 20-minute-or-so chunk of the movie. Also joining the pary were storyboard artist Irineo Maramba and series Story Editor Amy Wolfram. Amy had a writing panel with Adam Beechen [who wrote various episodes of the series]. Unfortunately, I missed her panel due to a scheduling conflict, but she said it went quite well.

As usual, it was great to hang out with these guys. A great buncha folks as well as talented people. I was able to get a jam sketch from some [but not all] of the creators. Not as good as last year's jam piece, but a nice reminder of a fun con!