Monday, February 27, 2006

NYCon Brings Titans News

DC Comics held their second panel of the con day, DCU: Better Than Ever in another"standing room only" program, and Newsarama was on hand . Here's the Titans scoopage:

- Asked about the Titans East (a big part of the OYL Teen Titans title), Geoff Johns declined to say who would be on the new team, only that the main Titans team will not be too happy to find out that there's an East Coast component of their team.

- Johns said that he has big plans for Damage.

- While she's missing during the year-long jump, Speedy's status will be revealed in Teen Titans as well as Green Arrow, Johns said.

- Didio confirmed that Teen Titans: Games has been put on indefinite hold, as George Perez had announced recently on his website, saying they felt Perez would be better suited to launch the upcoming Brave & Bold series to be written by Mark Waid.

Stay tuned for more news and NY Con bloggage this week. And yup, more sketches!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Teen Titans Go New York ComiCon

The New York ComiCon is this weekend and the Teen Titans Go team is there! J Torres, Mike Norton and Todd Nauck will be signing in the DC Comics area at these times:

Friday : 6:30-7:30
Saturday: 5:30-6:30
Sunday: 1:00-2:00

Stop by to say hello!

Monday, February 20, 2006

"Games" Looks Unlikely

The George Perez website has an update on the status of GAMES, among other Perez-related projects...

From George himself: " Well, it's time for an all-too-infrequent update on what's going on at the International House of Pérez. I've read quite a number of posts on various message boards asking such things as"When will George be starting on THE BRAVE & THE BOLD?", "Will GAMES: THE TITANS GRAPHIC NOVEL ever come out?", "Is he working on the DC character turn-arounds for DC's official bible?" "Will that art be made available to the buying public?"

"[...] The official status of GAMES is a bit more tricky. With all the post-IC work I have lined up, I don't see how I will have the time to get back on the graphic novel. Quite honestly, and honesty can be quite brutal, I wouldn't hold my breath on it ever being released. I know that my wonderful friend and co-creator Marv Wolfman is still guardedly optimistic on the resurrection of this project (a lot of that positive thinking having been fueled by me two years ago when I stated my intent to complete the art), but my subsequent exclusive contract with DC has prompted the company to utilize my talents on more current projects aimed at forming DC's future rather than just basking in the nostalgia of its past. The completed art in GAMES is over 15 years old, although it does hold up pretty damn well, in my opinion. I guess it could conceivably be restarted yet again, but it seems to become more unlikely with each new DC assignment in each passing new year. For that, I am sincerely sorry-- For Marv, for inker Mike Perkins who signed a Marvel exclusive since inking ten of the un-inked pages, for Al Vey, who had inked the earlier pages over a decade ago, for color artist Tom Smith, for the fans who have waited so long and whose hopes may be dashed yet again-- and, finally, for me. It would have been nice to put closure to the project. Oh, and for those who suggested that some other artist or artists finish the project, I suggested the same thing years ago. Unfortunately, DC only wanted this as a Wolfman/Pérez Titans story; so, without me, it's not getting done. An unfortunate Catch-22, I'm afraid. Still, there is always that small glimmer of hope. After all, what if I'm done with all my IC stuff and there's still no B & B work ready? You never know."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Jeph Loeb on "Sam's Story"

Newsarama reports: "Superman/Batman #26 isn’t just a glimpse at the kind of comic book writer Sam Loeb may have become, but the way so many people who knew him have rallied around this special project, for those of us who didn’t know him it serves as a glimpse at the person he was, the mark he left, and at the limitless potential that the world lost with his passing. We recently had the opportunity to speak to Sam’s colleague, best friend, and father – Jeph Loeb – to discuss the upcoming issue… "

Superman/Batman #26 features a team-up of Superboy and Robin.

For the full article, click here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Toy Fair 2006 Reveals Titans Toys has pictures from Toy Fair 2006! Bandai has lots of new Titans toys - check 'em out on this page! Doom Patrol, Skeleton Slade, and more!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wonder Girl's New Look

Tony Daniel has posted Wonder Girl's new look on his blog: "Here's a FIRST LOOK at Wonder Girl OYL. I designed her outfit, so if you don't like it, blame me. If you like it, I get all the credit:) Anyway, I did this when I was sick, so thank God, I didn't need to draw the background (YET). That'll come later after I finish designing the two new members of the Brotherhood of Evil. Needless to say, Wonder Girl is on the team. Her character will get much more play than before and I think you guys will love what Geoff has in store for her and the other members."

Be sure to check out Tony's Blog for more insights and an image of Cassie's new look.

Teen Titans News from Wondercon

On Saturday DC just began their DCU 2006: The Best is Yet to Come panel at WonderCon, and Newsarama was there. Newsarama reports: "Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel unveil a team called Titans East in March’s Teen Titans #34, and then in May's issue #36, the Titans are forced to make a trip across the world to the bizarre Dayton Manor, headquarters of the Doom Patrol... “and the Brotherhood of Evil isn't far behind.”

"Johns said Robin and Wonder Girl will on the new team roster come OYL as has been made obvious by the covers, but he’s going to take a new approach in how he writes the book and make it more character-driven."

Other Titans news was revealed during the Q&A:

"During the Q&A, a young boy asked if “Wally Flash” was dead as a result of the events of Infinite Crisis #4 (garnering a collective “awwww” from the crowd).Rucka looked to Johns saying, “Don’t break his heart”, and Johns gave in to the boy, confirming that “No”, Wally does not die in Crisis."

"Asked if there were any future plans for Connor Kent Superboy in Teen Titans or a solo series Johns said, “Kind of”."

"Johns replied, “Read Teen Titans”, when asked about the Wonder Twins."

Check out the full report at Newsarama.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Toyfare #104 Features TT Episode Guide

Toyfare #104 hits stands today and features a Teen Titans Episode Guide!

TEEN TITANS EPISODE GUIDE: It’s every episode of Teen Titans ever, with story descriptions, character appearances and behind-the-scenes director/writer/actor commentary for them all! Plus, info about the upcoming Teen Titans DVD!

Here's what Toyfare said about the upcoming Direct-To-Video "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo": The tentatively titled "Teen Titans Tokyo" DVD (which has no release date set) marks the first time producers have developed a full-length, original animated movie based on the series. "Something happens in our city, the Titans get involved in a mystery, and they follow a lead to Tokyo, " [Glen] Murakami explains. "I think it's a good standalone storyline. A little bit of it focuses on Robin and Starfire - you'll see their relationship develop." There's no word on whether J-Pop theme song starlets Puffy AmiYumi will contribute more music to the movie, but Greg [Beast Boy] Cipes promises, "I do sing karaoke."

Teen Titans Toon Bloggers

Teen Titans Go has recently posted some info about various blogs of the Teen Titan animated crew. Check out their blog links below! Character designers, directors & board artists.... some really neat stuff!

Norm's Mess

Norm's Mess
The blog of prop artist, Norm Ryang.

jon suzuki

jon suzuki
The blog of Teen Titans artist, Jon Suzuki.

Forlorn Hope

Forlorn Hope
The blog of director, Matt Youngberg.

potato farm girl

potato farm girl
The blog of character designer, Brianne Drouhard.

Idiot Style

Idiot Style
The blog of director, Ben Jones.

A Delightful Tedium

A Delightful Tedium
The blog of Derrick Wyatt, character designer

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Teen Titans: SECOND Season on DVD

Toon Zone's World's Finest Site has reported some new on Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season on DVD: "To tie into today's releases of Teen Titans: Season 1 and The Batman: Season 1, WHV has revealed to The World's Finest the release date for the next season collections for these popular animated series. According to WHV, Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season and The Batman: The Complete Second Season will hit shelves simultaneously on September 19th, 2006. For those hesitating to pick up these first season collections, do not worry. WHV will be releasing more season collections of The Batman and Teen Titans!"

It makes complete sense; Warner Bros. seems to space releases every six months for season sets; At this rate, all five seasons will be available on DVD in 2 years!

Teen Titans: The Complete First Season

Teen Titans: The Complete First Season hits shelves today! As always, you can help support this site by ordering the DVD through the link to the right. It also offers a great savings - the entire season for only $13.99! Plus a FREE Shipping option!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Geoff Johns Behind The Pages

Geoff Johns chats with Newsarama in a fantastic get-to-know-the-man-behind-the-pages: "With the ending to Crisis, the beginning of Superman and 52, and the "one-year-later" versions of his other titles all hitting this year – we decided to take a look behind the page and ask Johns how he got into writing comics, why he writes stories the way he does, and whether or not he really does love every character as much as it seems."

Read the whole interview here.

What a swell guy!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cyborg on Smallville February 16th

Comics Continuum reports on Cyborg's appearance on an upcoming episode of Smallville. Here's how the network describes the episode, which will air on The WB on Thursday, Feb. 16: "A sympathetic doctor releases a half-human/half-machine subject named Victor who was being held captive and experimented on by LuthorCorp. While making his escape, Victor is struck by Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) car. After watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana calls Clark (Tom Welling) to investigate. Clark befriends Victor and promises to help him find his girlfriend, but Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) traps Victor and takes him back to LuthorCorp."

"Lee Thompson Young, who is playing Victor Stone, is a terrific actor and we're very excited about it," Smallville executive producer Al Gough told The Continuum. Gough said that Cyborg will be facing the same types of issues he did in the Teen Titans comics and animated series. "Victor Stone is a high-school football star who has a full ride to USC, but then he's in a terrible car accident," Gough said. "In our version, LuthorCorp takes him on as a project and sort of builds the limbs and the artificial intelligence that goes into that. For the full article, click here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Seacrest Out!": Death of a Catchphrase

OK, I knew SOMETHING was missing from my American Idol watching experience. Ryan Seacrest no longer ends the show with his vapid-yet-possibly-ironic phrase, "Seacrest... OUT!"

And I shed a tear. But we will all speak of this again when VH1 does "I Love the 00s"

Teen Titans: EASTER EGGS

Teen Titans: The Complete First Season DVD - EASTER EGGS

As always, you can help support this site by ordering the DVD through the link on the right. It also offers a great saving - the entire season for only $13.99! Plus a FREE Shipping option! Season One hits shelves Feb. 7th!

titan_collector is a retailer who has apparently checked out his early samples of the season one DVD and given us this awesome heads-up:

DISC 2 only. (disc 1: is full, no secrets)

=> What is the coolest Teen Titan gadget? interview video

=> What is your FAV Beastboy transformation? interview video

=> Who is the coolest villian? interview video

=> a thank-you from the creators & voices !

=> hidden music video of MAD MOD sung by STARFIRE's voice!!!!

secret #6: HIGHLIGHT "trailers"
=> creator's fun play on the series. Artwork drawings are shown.

Nightwing Cameo on JLU

Nightwing makes a VERY brief cameo in the upcoming JLU episode, "Grudge Match." Here's how the network describes the episode: Roulette starts Metabrawl again, this time with an all-female fight card made up of Justice Leaguers. Check out the images here:

Nightwing JLU 1

Nightwing JLU 2

Nightwing JLU 3

Nightwing JLU 4

The episode has only aired in the UK, and is not yet scheduled to air in the United States. Thanks to Matt Helms for reporting this news!